PeerWise is an award-winning, freely available web-based tool that instructors can use to support collaborative student learning across a wide range of disciplines. PeerWise presents students with a repository of multiple-choice questions and provides instant feedback in response to student answers. Each question has an associated discussion thread in which students can debate their answers and explain their understanding of the related concepts. All of the questions in the repository are authored by students, as authoring assessment questions has been shown to be an effective learning activity. To create a relevant question and to explain the answer to that question in their own words, a student must effectively process and organise course material, and a growing body of evidence supports the inclusion of student authored questions in the learning process.

Getting started

PeerWise is free to use and a new course repository accessible by all students in a course can be set up in less than a minute. The PeerWise website:

provides a number of resources along with a sign-up feature for new instructors.

If you are interested in citing PeerWise in your own work, you may like to use the following reference:

  • Denny, P., Luxton-Reilly, A., Hamer, J. The PeerWise System of Student Contributed Assessment Questions. Proceedings of the Tenth Conference on Australasian Computing Education (ACE 2008), Vol. 78, pages 69-74, 2008 (Wollongong, NSW, Australia).