Patrice Delmas

Patrice Delmas was born somewhere in the South West of France. He made his way to Grenoble where he received the Engineer Diploma from the ENSIEG in 1994, the D.E.A degree (equivalent "M.S degree + 1") of signal and image processing from the ENSERG in 1995 and a PhD degree in image processing in 2000. He is now a Senior Lecturer for the department of Computer Science (the University of Auckland, New Zealand).  His research interests include theoretical development of robust stereo matching algorithms, active contours and statistical learning approaches. Patrice has a keen interest in applied computer vision including, but not limited to, his early years in lip tracking research, 3D face (hand) analysis, synthesis and recognition and the use of multiple cameras systems for every possible applications. More recently a large chunk of his research time has been devoted to several projects in soils sciences with research colleagues in Mexico, France and New Zealand.

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