Welcome to Patricia Riddle's Home Page

Dr. Patricia Jean Riddle
Senior Lecturer

Computer Science Department
University of Auckland
Private Bag 92019
Auckland, New Zealand

Room 236, Science Building
38 Princes Street, Auckland

Email: pat@cs.auckland.ac.nz
Fax: +64-9-373-7453
Phone: +64-9-373-7599 ext. 7093

Research Interests

My main research interests are in the area of Artificial Intelligence and include areas of machine learning, planning, and problem representation. In particular, I am interested in various techniques for machine learning, especially reinforcement learning. In addition I have been working in the area of search, planning, and problem representation increasingly in the last few years.

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I currently have PhD students working in areas of neural networks for medical informatics, clasifier chains for flu prediction, mitigating selection bias, simultaneous localisation and mapping, deep question answering and reasoning for unseen tasks. I have 12 completed PhD students and they now work in many places including Amazon and Google. These include: