Network Layer Decodes

Class IP6

Provides access to fields in an IPv6 header.

Instance Variables
version ip6.version -> anInteger

IP version, 6 for IPv6
traffic_class ip6.traffic_class -> anInteger

IPv6 Traffic Class (DSCP and ECN)
flow_label ip6.flow_label -> anInteger

IPv6 Flow Label (20 bits)
payload_len ip6.payload_len -> anInteger

IPv6 Payload Length (doesn't include the IPv6 header)
next_hdr ip6.next_hdr -> anInteger

IPv6 Next Header; selector for whatever follows the IPv6 header
hop_limit ip6.hop_limit -> anInteger

IPv6 Hop Limit
src_prefix ip6.src_address -> anIPprefix

IPv6 Source Address
dst_prefix ip6.dst_address -> anIPprefix

IPv6 Destination Address
payload ip6.payload -> aByteArray

Byte array containing the IPv6 object's payload

A few of the fields in an IP object may be set to new values, as follows:

Class set  Methods
hop_limit= ip6.hop_limit = anInteger

Sets the hop_limit value in an IP6
src_address= ip6.src_address = anIPprefix

Sets the src_address value in an IP6
dst_address= ip6.dst_address = anIPprefix

Sets the dst_address value in an IP6

Nevil Brownlee
Mon,  30 Jun 14 (NZST)