This is a brief biography of Michael (Mike) Dinneen (For academic information see my university homepage.)

I currently live in the suburb Mt Eden of Auckland, New Zealand (see view below) which is bicycle distance (15 minutes) to downtown Auckland where I work at the University of Auckland as a Senior Lecturer. I arrived in New Zealand in 1996.

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I received a MSc and PhD was from the University of Victoria (Canada) in Computer Science after spending one year of graduate school at Washington State University (USA). My PhD thesis was on computing forbidden minors for various graph families. My MSc thesis topic was in the network design area using using Cayley graphs as a model. I obtained two BSc degrees from the University of Idaho (USA), in Mathematics and Computer Science.

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I have also worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory (New Mexico, USA) for five years doing research in combinatorial algorithms, distributive programming, and experimental graph theory.

My doctorial supervisor was Michael R. Fellows (University of California at San Diego, 1985), and his was Michael Fredman (Stanford University), and his was Donald E. Knuth (The California Institute of Technology, 1963), and his was Marshall Hall (Yale University, 1936), and his was Oystein Ore (Universitet i Oslo, 1924), and his was Thor Skolem, and his was Axel Thue, and his is Helling Hoist and Sophus Lie. [This information was obtained from the Theoretical Computer Science Genealogy and the History of Mathematics Archive.]
The Mathematics Genealogy Project

I have an Erdos number of 2, along with many other people. I have written over 50 papers and have received many awards (e.g., an University of Victoria Fellowship and a Baush and Lomb Science Award). I recently wrote a textbook An Introduction to Algorithms, Data Structures and Formal Languages by M.J. Dinneen, G. Gimel'farb and M.C. Wilson (currently as third edition 2013).

In 1998, I co-edited the volume Unconventional Models of Computations (UMC98) with C. Calude and J. Casti. Recently, I was the Programme Chair for the DMTCS'99+CATS'99, UC07 and WTC2012 conferences. Also conference secretary (and editor) for UMC2K, DMTCS01, UMC02, DMTCS03, DLT04, ITW05, UC05, UC06, Programme member for UC08, UC09, UC10, wCC10, IFIP-TCS-2010, UCNC13, CiE14. Editorial board of Journal of Applied Mathematics (2013-).

I was born (and lived there for the first 18 years) in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Below is a scenic photo near the Idaho/Wyoming border (Teton Mountains).

(Also see this live web shot of these mountains.)