Centre for Mathematical Social Sciences

Summer Workshop 2014

9th-10th December 2014, Auckland, New Zealand

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The Centre for Mathematical Social Sciences is an interdisciplinary research centre whose members include mathematicians, computer scientists, philosophers and economists. Our summer workshops are an opportunity for researchers to meet and discuss work on social science, complex systems, and network science, using quantitative methods such as formal theorems, data-mining, mathematical models, and controlled experiments.

This year’s theme is diffusion in social networks, but submissions on any aspect of mathematical social science are welcome.

Topics include:

  • Social networks
  • Consensus formation and diffusion
  • Social choice and decision theory
  • Economic networks
  • Game theory
  • Voting systems


Talks will be held in the Lecture Theatre MLT3, located on the first floor of Building 303 (38 Princes street) at the University of Auckland City Campus. (Note: this differs from the lecture theatre that was initially advertised.)

Download a PDF map of the city campus.


Download the programme and list of abstracts as a pdf.

Contributed talks are 20 minutes with an additional five minutes for questions and change-over included in the timetable.

Day One

Time Presenter Title
9:00-9:15 Welcome
9:15-10:15Matt JacksonIdentifying Central Individuals in Networks and Diffusion Processes
10:15-10:45Coffee BreakLevel 4, Blg 303
10:45-11:10Shaun HendyRegional Innovation Favours the Diverse
11:10-11:35Elsa GuillotModelling the Influence of Human Social Rules on Population Genetics
11:35-12:00Jonathan Newton The Evolution of Shared Intentions
12:00-12:20Francois Vallee Modelling History in Islands of Southeast Asia
12:20-13:30LunchLevel 4, Blg 303
13:30-13:55Richard ValeImputing Attitude Scores on a Network
13:55-14:20Mark C. WilsonExperimental Study of Belief Diffusion
14:20-15:00Isabelle SinPeople, Books, and Flows of Knowledge
15:00-15:30Coffee BreakLevel 4, Blg 303
15:30-15:50Matthew RyanBinary Choice Probabilities on Mixture Sets
16:45-18:45Recovery DrinksOld Government House, Waterloo Quadrant (In the gardens opposite the Quadrant Hotel)
19:00- Workshop DinnerMai Thai, 57 Victoria St (opposite the Sky Tower)

Day Two

Time Presenter Title
9:00-9:15 Welcome back
9:15-10:15Damon CentolaThe Origins of Social Order: New Theory and Experiments
10:15-10:45Coffee BreakLevel 4, Blg 303
10:45-11:10Catriona SissonsCollaboration Networks for Innovation
11:10-11:35Nina AnchuginaA new (and simpler) axiomatization of exponential and quasi-hyperbolic discounting
11:35-12:00Arkadii SlinkoThe Single-crossing Property on Median Graphs
12:00-12:20James TaylorCycles and Common Priors Without Full Support
12:20-13:30LunchLevel 4, Blg 303
13:30-13:55Mikhail AnufrievConnecting the Dots: Econometric Methods for Uncovering Networks with an Application to the Australian Financial Institutions
13:55-14:20Sergey OzernikovAxiomatic Approach to Trust Metrics in Certification Networks
14:20-15:00Tava OlsenModelling Emergency Department Patient Flows
15:00-15:30Coffee BreakLevel 4, Blg 303

Keynote speakers

Matt Jackson

Stanford University

Identifying Central Individuals in Networks and Diffusion Processes

Damon Centola

University of Pennsylvania

The Origins of Social Order: New Theory and Experiments

Invited speakers

Isabelle Sin

Motu Economic and Public Policy Research

People, Books, and Flows of Knowledge

Tava Olsen

University of Auckland

Modelling Emergency Department Patient Flows


Patrick Girard

University of Auckland - Philosophy

Dion O'Neale

University of Auckland - Physics

Mark C Wilson

University of Auckland - Computer Science


Registration for the workshop is now closed. If you still wish to attend the Workshop, please contact the organisers directly.

Travel and Accommodation

Getting here:

The University of Auckland campus is located near the centre of Auckland city. It is approximately a 45 minute drive from the airport to the university.

A taxi from the airport to the city centre costs around $70. A shuttle costs around $30 and the airbus costs $16.

Popular hotels and serviced apartments in the vicinity of campus include: