My research interests lie in the intersection between theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence. Recently my research mainly focuses on the interdisciplinary area of computational social science and multi-agent systems.

My main research activities involve exploring the algorithmic and mathematical aspects of social networks; topics of interests include interpersonal ties, influence, communities structures, information diffusion and social cohesion. I am also interested in pure and applied aspects of logic, algorithmic model theory, computational complexity and automata theory.

I am looking for capable project/thesis students who are interested in the topics above.


[25/1/2017] Our paper (J. Liu, K. Russell, L. Li) "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted? - An Agent-Based Approach to Self-Evaluation, Interpersonal Loss, and Suicide Ideation" has been accepted at AAMAS-17 (full paper).

[14/11/2016] Our paper (J. Liu, Z. Wei) "Network, Popularity and Social Cohesion: A Game-Theoretic Approach" has been accepted at AAAI-17.

[11/11/2016] Our paper (J. Liu, A. Moskvina) "Hierarchies, Ties and Power in Organizational Networks: Model and Analysis" has been accepted at Social Network Analysis and Mining.

Last update: 25/01/2017

Education and Work


In 2016 I have taught the following courses at UoA:
COMPSCI367/761 Artificial Intelligence
COMPSCI225 Discrete Structures in Mathematics and Computer Science
MATHS315 Mathematical Logic


I am the BSc(Hon) Coordinator and 380/780 Project Coordinator for Computer Science.
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