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Paper Submission: March 8th, 2004
Author Notification: March 29th, 2004
Final copy: April 19th, 2004
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About WoDiSEE:

Software engineering environments are an essential part of practising software engineering, given the complexity of today‘s software systems and diversity of software processes. Much conceptual or methodological work in software engineering requires adequate tool support in order for researchers and practitioners to make use of these software engineering advances. The goal of this workshop is to provide a forum for exchange of ideas on new software tool construction techniques; innovative software engineering environments; automation, intelligence and integration issues for software tools; novel software engineering environment interfaces and application domains; and innovative tool experience reports. Participants will have practical and/or research expertise in developing, extending, deploying or using software engineering tools and this workshop will allow participants to exchange experiences and debate trends in software engineering environment development and applications. A key outcome will be a workshop summary of the state of the art in software engineering environments research and key directions for future tools research.

This workshop is intended to be a merger of the theme of past ICSE Constructing Software Engineering Tools workshops (e.g. ICSE 1999 and ICSE 2000) and the Software Engineering Environments conference series (e.g. SEE 93, SEE 95, SEE 97). As such, key theme areas include:

  • New software engineering tool construction and integration techniques
  • Innovative software engineering environment approaches e.g. intelligent tools, automated software engineering tools, adaptive tools, web-based tools, formal methods-based tools etc.
  • Software engineering environments in new application domains, e.g. for components, aspects, agents, software architectures, processes e.g. eXtreme Programming, distributed object and mobile systems etc.
  • Experience reports of tool usage and empirical assessment of software tools

This is an inclusive workshop - position papers addressing any issue of software tools and tools focusing on any part of software engineering are welcome. Tool experience reports should identify areas for software engineering tools research to address. New tool construction and application areas should comment on the potential practicality of the approach for enhancing software engineering practice with the tool