These projects all relate to data. My background is in databases, so I address the topics from a database perspective.

  1. Security of data in novel areas. In the database world, it is possible to define who can access each piece of data. This project investigates whether it is possible and/or practical to apply database security techniques to other areas, e.g., the web.
  2. People need to integrate or merge information, e.g., when companies merge, integrating engineering specifications, gathering information from disparate web sites and displaying it on a common web site. Usually the data or documents were not designed to be integrated so the same concepts in different contexts may have different names and/or different structure. The aim of this project is to build a system that provides a visual representation of the documents or data to be integrated, does automatic matching where possible, allows the user to define other matches, and checks whether the resulting common view is valid. The final output of the system would be a common view of the data or documents.
  3. Mining for patterns in data. There has been a lot of work carried out on data mining in the relational database area. We are interested in investigating different kinds of mining, e.g., change mining, and different contexts, e.g., stream mining.