This is a list of students I am or have supervised at UoA:


  1. Scott Uk-Jin Lee, Foundations of semistructured data (completed, co-supervisor: Jing Sun)
  2. Ke Geng, Semantic Query Optimisation for XML documents (completed)
  3. Muhammad Shaban Jokhio (Shaban), Goal driven testing of semantic web services (submitted, co-supervisor: Jing Sun)
  4. Muhammad Asif Naeem (Asif), Real-Time ETL Layers based on Enterprise Service Bus (completed, co-supervisor: Gerald Weber)
  5. Shafiq Alam Burki, Mining Semistructured Data using Swarm Intelligence (completed, co-supervisor: Pat Riddle)
  6. Daniel Bertinshaw, Automation of Semantic Web Service Tasks (co-supervisor: Jing Sun)
  7. Fuad Al Tabba’, Hardware Supported Software Transactional Memory (completed, main supervisor: James Goodman)
  8. Muhammad Sulayman, Software Process Improvement in Small and Medium Web Companies(submitted, main supervisors: Emilia Mendes and Ewan Tempero)
  9. Imran Siddique, Fault Tolerance in Odin(co-supervisor: Ian Warren)
  10. Mohammad Abdullatif, Citation Mining (co-supervisor: Yun Sing Koh)
  11. Sidney Tsang, Detecting Fraud in online auctions (co-supervisor: Yun Sing Koh)
  12. Richard Hosking, Framework for e-Governance(main supervisor: Mark Gahegan)
  13. David Huang, Rare drift mining (co-supervisor: Yun Sing Koh)
  14. Prashant Gupta, Dynamic knowledge representation (main supervisor: Mark Gahegan)


  1. Jacob Wang (2012), Non-equi joins in data warehousing (co-supervisor: Gerald Weber)
  2. David Zhang (2012), Data mining in streams (co-supervisor: Yun Sing Koh)
  3. Thomas Lynch (2011), Detection of Recurring patterns in Data Streams (co-supervisor: Yun Sing Koh)
  4. Guo Xiao (2011), Joins on Stream Data (co-supervisor: Gerald Weber)
  5. Chi Zhang (2010), Query Assistant for XPath
  6. Anand Narayan (2009), Transactions In Cloud Computing (co-supervisor: Yun Sing Koh)
  7. Luo Zhengyuan (2007), Real-Time ETL Layers based on Enterprise Service Bus
  8. Tim Wang (2005), Formalizing and Validating Semistructured Data Using Alloy
  9. Jacky Wan (2003), Towards Using XQuery to Mine XML Documents
  10. Tony Chan (2003), Managing Web Documents Using XML and Related Technologies

Summer Projects

  1. Mauricio Lisandro Fadel Argerich (2012), Link generation in blogs (co-supervisor: Yun Sing Koh)
  2. Rita Jiang (2011), Mining Indirect Weighted Association Rules On Academic Social Network Mining (co-supervisor: Yun Sing Koh)
  3. Joey Hobbs (2009), Record, Mix, Play, Share: A Web-Based Collaborative Music Creation Environment
  4. Shikhar Bhagat (2009), Information theory and incomplete data
  5. Gary Fung (2009), Knowledge based and online documentation
  6. Zhongwei Zhang (2009), Social Network Research
  7. Mohammad Abdullatif and Hussain Al-saady (2009), Recommender system for Stalker
  8. Edmund C Yeung (2007), SQL Wizard: Detecting Semantic Errors In SQL Queries
  9. Lauren Taylor (2006), An interface for creating Mash-Ups
  10. Simon Baker (2006), Automated Usability Testing Using HUI Analyser
  11. Fiora Au (2006), Automated Usability Testing Framework
  12. Nodira Khoussainova (2005), A Visual ORA-SS Modeling Tool Using Pounamu
  13. Haizhao Zhang (2004), Experimenting with Access Control in XML Databases
  14. Tang Kok Lim (2001), Mappings between the ORA-SS Data Model and the RELAX NG schema: Algorithms and Issues.

Honours Projects

  1. David Huang (2011), Automated Keyword Selection in Wikipedia (co-supervisor: Yun Sing Koh)
  2. Shawn Jiang (2010), A Novel Approach to Link Generation (co-supervisor: Yun Sing Koh)
  3. Ming Li (2001), Mapping XML to ORA-SS.
  4. Tang Kok Lim (2001), Designing Databases for Semistructured Data.


  1. Henjie Wang and Jordan Thoms (2012), Notable
  2. Christian Sheehan-Lowry and Leeann Won (2012), Cecil iPhone App
  3. Dylan Sanson (2011), How much information is required to translate systems biology into physiology?
  4. Ruvi Thummodarage and Rachit Bhatia (2010), A.C.R.o.S Automatic Crash Reports Over SMS
  5. Mohammad Abdullatif and Hussain Al-saady (2010), A Framework for Rapid Development of collaborative Mobile Applications (co-supervisor: Ian Warren)
  6. Shikhar Bhagat and Sidney Tsang (2010), Exploring the Feasibility of an Extensible Web Desktop
  7. Danver Braganza and Joey Hobbs (2009), Record, Mix, Play, Share: A Web-Based Collaborative Music Creation Environment
  8. Daniel Spencer and Anushka Nanayakkara (2009), Web-Based Project Management: Cerebel
  9. Lauren Taylor and James Rose (2007), Mashup Creation Tool
  10. Sachini Yapa and Rhys Walden (2007), Active Ed
  11. Mary Wei and Liuqing Huang (2007), Investigation of a Business Processes Management System using Web Services
  12. Trung Nguyen and Zhijian Shen (2007), Database Query Wizard
  13. Aniruddh Gandhi and Abdur Muhammed (2007), Automata Theoretic Modeling of Data
  14. Simon Baker and Fiora Au (2006), A Framework for Automated Usability Testing
  15. Asanka Rernando and Alistair Palmer (2006), Class Room Allocation
  16. Bin Wang and Huinan Zhang (2006), Service-oriented just-in-time ETL layer
  17. Jonathon Clark and James Naughton (2006), Sports Coach Tool
  18. Grace Wang and Theresa Yu (2005), Web based Change Management System
  19. Phoebe Xue and Pradeep Kulatunga (2005), XQuery to XSLT Transformation
  20. Ruskin Dantra and Harshal Joshi (2005), XML to Relational Database Transformation
  21. Jin Ho Lee and Scott Uk-Jin Lee (2003), Access control for XML documents
  22. Edward Costello and Philip Gloyne (2003), Web Testing
  23. Nistha Koirala and Shital Maisuria(2003), Video High Lighter: A Tool for Organizing and Viewing Multimedia Data


  1. Aashish Puri (2009), Checking The Semantic Correctness Of Queries
  2. David Russel (2009), Database Applications For Small Organizations
  3. Steven Wu (2006), Business Process Execution Language Visual Designer
  4. Jieh Tan (2005), XSD to Relational: An ORA_SS Approach
  5. Jason Chen (2005), Languages for the Semantic Web
  6. Christian Richter (2005), Purpose Based Access Control
  7. Zhifei Wang (2004), Online Recommendation Transmission Model
  8. Daniel Walcher (2004), eXistAdmin: A Developer Centric Admin Tool
  9. Sau Fan Lee (2004), Implementing a Mobile XML Database Application
  10. Luka Kruscic (2004), A Case Study on Native XML Databases
  11. Sayeed Mohammed (2004), Case Study of Native XML Data Management Solutions
  12. Chris Yu Ping Lau (2004), Experiences developing a web-based vector graphics editor
  13. Kevin Chen (2004), Quick XML Transformation for University HR Scenario
  14. Elena Gimel\'farb (2003), A Case Tool for Semistructured Data
  15. Aisha Fenton (2003), Generating Java Programs from XMI Specifications
  16. Lubna Al-Fakhri(2003), Access Control Policies for XML Documents
  17. Aaron OConnor (2003), Mapping HTML to XML
  18. Sharat Kanthan(2003), Mapping HTML to XML
  19. Lars Neumann (2003), Experimenting with access control in native XML databases
  20. Lei Zhang (2002), Comparison of ORA-SS and CM.
  21. Ahmed Yousif (2002), Comparing Electronic Banking Sites.
  22. Haiying Tan (2002), Mapping HTML to XML
  23. Jason Huang (2001), Comparing two data models for Modeling Semistructured Data.