My personal interests are pretty simple (not to say dull or boring):

I love my work and my family, and also enjoy to see new places. I belong to Fishes (Pisces) by horoscope and possess most of their pluses and minuses including their inborn attraction to water, especially, to rivers, seas and oceans. So you need not be surprised that I am happy to live in Auckland.

For rather rare spare time, I enjoy to travel with my lovely wife, Natasha, around New Zealand and overseas or simply stay at home for reading and listening music. I like both "serious" classic works and classic jazz (by a pure coincidence, Natasha is a Bachelor of Music and a music teacher).

Here you will find several pictures that show:

I am very glad that my work made it possible to visit various places around the world, from Fiji and Australia to the USA and Sweden, to meet with extremely bright and interesting people from over the world and see marvelous American, Australian, Austrian, Belgian, Canadian, Danish, Dutch, Czech, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Slovakian, Spanish, Sweden, Swiss, Ukrainian, and other art museums, as well as many European palaces and castles (especially, in Denmark, France, Germany, and Spain).