Ewan Tempero Teaching

Here is a list of courses I have taught.

University of Auckland

Period Course
2002–2005 SOFTENG206: Engineering Design
2009–2014,2016– SOFTENG251: Object-Oriented Software Construction
2006–2007,2009–2014,2016– SOFTENG254: Quality Assurance
2002 SOFTENG306: Engineering Design
2002–2007,2009–2014,2016– SOFTENG325: Software Architecture
2003–2007,2010–2014,2016– SOFTENG700: Project in Software Engineering (was SOFTENG401)
2009–2014,2016– SOFTENG701: Advanced Software Engineering Development Methods
2004 SOFTENG702: Advanced System Design
2006 SOFTENG710: Studies in Software Engineering 1
2007 COMPSCI 601/602: Special Topic
2002 COMPSCI702: Special Topic – Topics in Software Engineering
2003–2007 COMPSCI702: Special Topic – Software Measurement

Victoria University of Wellington

Other courses