Misun Kim, Summer Research Scholarship, 2006-2007

X3D Visualisation of Software Metrics Data


This is a "summer project", that provides the opportunity for academically able undergraduate students to work on a research project over the (southern hemisphere) summer under the supervision of a member of the academic staff. It is intended as an early introduction to research and the research environment for students considering undertaking an ME or PhD.

Project Description

This project is about exploring the use of a web-based graphics technology, X3D, for use in information visualisation. It builds upon a recent MSc on the same subject, but looking at a different kind of data. This project will look at the problem of visualising the data produced by various software metrics studies. These studies consider on the order of 100 different applications and produce more than 20 forms of measurements to every class in these applications. Some of these applications have over 10,000 classes, so quite a lot of data is being produced, and its difficult to make sense of it all. The proposed project will look at different ways this data may be visualised, and how these visualisations may be delivered on the web using X3D.

Other Information

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