Lectured in Europe, Japan, New Zealand, and North-America

Invited Speaker (selection): Lecture Series "Collegium Logicum", Kurt Goedel Society, University of Technology, Vienna, Austria, 1995. "The Foundational Debate. Complexity and Constructivity in Mathematics and Physics", Vienna, Austria, September, 1994. Symposium "Important Results and Trends in Theoretical Computer Science", Graz, Austria, 1994, Schloss Dagstuhl. Seminar on "Structure on Complexity", Dagstuhl, Saarbruecken, Germany, 1994. ROSYCS'93, Iasi, Romania, 1993. Conference "Developments in Language Theory", The University of Turku, Finland, 1993, Seminar on "Computability and Complexity in Analysis", Dagstuhl, Saarbruecken, Germany, 1997

Invited speaker for the seminar "Order, Complexity and Beauty", a core part of the Project "Third Culture Copenhagen" organized by the Danish Mindship Foundation, in celebrating Copenhagen Cultural Capital of Europe (July-August,1996). Click here for some papers relevant for this seminar. Click here to get some pictures

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Contributor to Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy

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Member PC (selection): ICALP'95, DMTCS'96, CATS'97, ACSC'97, 'Internet as a Vehicle for Teaching', 1997, UMC'98, CATS'98, Randomized Algorithms, and Molecular Computing, Satellite Workshops to MFCS'98, DMTCS'99-CATS'99, , FCT'99, CCF'99, AMAST'2000, Third International Colloquium on Words, Languages and Combinatorics, 2000, UMC2K.

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