Dusky Track

The Dusky Track has a 'Y' shape and connects Lake Hauroko, Supper Cove on the Dusky Sound, and Lake Manapouri. The complete Track takes 8-11 days, contains about 15 walk wires, and some parts are prone to flooding (take enough food with you to sit it out). The Track is rated hard and only suitable for experienced groups. In my opinion this is the most interesting and most rewarding Track in New Zealand.
Note however, that the sandflies around there are gigantic and a real problem. Also you will need some basic routfinding skill, since the track might be partially washed away near the rivers. Part of the track is extremely muddy with some of the mud pools up to 1m deep.

Tripot Hill

Tripot Hill (894m) and Gair Loch as seen on the climb from Kintail Hut up to the Centre Pass.

Tripot Hill

Climbing above Centre Pass (1050m). The views from the surrounding mountains are magnificent and the short side trip on Mt. Memphis (1405m) is well worth it.

Tripot Hill

Packfloating through Supper Cove (Dusky Sound) at low tide saves you a few hours walking time and refreshes you.

Pleasant Range

View from Pleasant Range (1100m) in direction of Centre Pass and Lake Manapouri.


The Climb down from Pleasant Range (1100m) to Loch Maree (100m) is almost vertical and real fun, especially in rain (mudsliding!).


This photograph is taken on the track from Loch Maree to Supper Cove. The track follows the Seaforth river, is prone to flooding, and resembles especially after rain more a mud pool than a track.


The department of Conservation has left a small boat for free use at supper cove. Rowing out on the Dusky Sound offers magnificent views and a good fishing opportunity.


The top of Loch Maree Hut offers a good view up the Seaforth river. After heavy rain the whole valley is under water and the river must be crossed on an 250m long emergency walkwire.

Lake under Tripot Hill

Gair Loch is created by a slip just under Tree Pot Hill. The mountain in the middle of the background is Mt. Memphis (1405m), on which you can climb from Centre Pass, which is situated on the left side of it.

Walk Wire

One of the 15 odd walkwires. The photograph is taken on the climb from Kintail Hut up to the Centre Pass.

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