Milford Track

The Milford Track is often classified as best walk in the world. Entry is restricted to 40 Trampers a day plus another 40 people doing the guided walk (if you are willing to cough up 1500NZ$). The track starts at Glads house Jetty on Lake Te Anau, follows the Clinton Valley up to MacKinnon Pass and continues the Arthur Valley down to Sandfly Point at Milford Sound. The short side trip from Quintin Hut to the Sutherland falls (500m) is a must.
Overall the track is 56km long, takes 4 days, and is easy. The third day over the pass might be hard for beginners, so start early! The huts on the track are pure luxury and the hut wardens extremely helpful. Overall extremly recommendable for inexperienced walkers.

MacKinnon Pass

View from MacKinnon pass down Arthur Valley.

Milford Sound

Evening at Milford Sound. To the left you can see the magnificent Mitre Peak.

Mackay Falls

Mackay Falls on the way from Dumbling Hut to Sandfly Point.

Sutherland Falls

The bottom step of the Sutherland Falls, which is with 502m the forth highest waterfall in the world. If you have a close look at the bottom left corner you can see me taking a cool shower.


Having a nice relaxing swim in a tarn on top of MacKinnon Pass. If you will ever come here please remember that tarns have no water circulation. So never use soap or any other detergents since their traces are visible for months and detroys other trampers experience.

Sutherland Falls

View of the Sutherland Falls on the way down from MacKinnon Pass. Inbetween the mountain range in the back lies Lake Quill.

MacKinnon Pass

The word famous postcard view from MacKinnon pass.

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