IPv6 deployment

The reservoir of unallocated IP version 4 address space is almost empty, so IP version 6 must now be deployed. Unfortunately this has already taken too long, so there will be a considerable period during which IPv4 and IPv6 will coexist and interoperate. The diagram below shows some of the pathways for this coexistence. IPv6 will allow continued rapid growth of the Internet for many years to come.

IPv6 works on all modern PCs and smartphones. Click to test IPv6. If your service provider doesn't offer IPv6, complain!

For a check on your access to dual-stack sites (that is, sites offering both IPv4 and IPv6 service) click here.
For Google's IPv6 growth measurements, click here.
For detailed infrastructure statistics, it's hard to beat a potaroo.

IPv6 standards are maintained and enhanced by various IETF Working Groups, especially

Some IPv6 widgets and apps can be found at Hurricane Electric .

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