New Zealand Springs

(by name)


The following list includes all places in NZ where it is known that springs might occur (hot, mineral, and significant cold springs). Some of these no longer exist. Some of the places mentioned are thermal regions that are not developed for tourism and which might be quite dangerous to vsit and explore.

Springs marked ** are described from first-hand experience. However, they might have changed considerably since last visited.

AC Baths **

Taupo. Hot, pool & tubs. "Armed Constabulary". A lido complex but only the private pools are hot springs. Very nice, however.


Orakaikorako.  Stream crossing road to north east of Orakeikorako. Downstream from the road.


Taranaki. Number 70 in Preservation. Southwest of Egmont.  Didn't find them but local farmer says that they are just warm. Was bottled at one time, apparently.


Taupo. All submerged under lake?

Awakeri **

Whakatane. Awakeri. Hot, pool & tubs. Thermal resort. Has campground. Very pleasant. Outdoor large pool, good temperature, partly covered. Has indoor tubs in converted water tanks - effective but airless and with a condensation problem.


Whakatane. Edgcumbe. Cold, fresh. West of Tarawera river. There are many cold water springs between the volcanic lakes and the coast. There is a old hydroelectric ruin around here somewhere.


Taupo. GS shows 4 springs and 2 thermal areas in vincinity.

Cedar flats

Westland.  "Located on Cedar Flat, about 1.25 km above the Toaroha Canyon"

Cow Stream

Canterbury.   "Located on Cow Stream, just above its confluence with the Edwards River, a tributary of the Waiau River."

Cox River

Canterbury.  "Located in McElroy Gorge on the Cox River, a tributary of the Poulter River."

Crystal Springs

Thames Valley. Matamata. Not public. On other side of the river from Opal springs. Was once public, now a Christian camp.

DeBrett's **

Taupo. Hot, pool & tubs. Thermal resort. Very pleasant. (Now with hydroslide.) Onekeneke valley. Terrace hotel (historic) and campground. Very well maintained. Pools are discounted to campers. Private pools included in entry price. Excellent breakfast at cafe.

Deception River

Located on the Deception river, 5.5km from the Arthur's pass highway.

Earthquake flat

Rotorua. Waiotapu. Hot, rustic. There are 3 hot springs, Waikite, Puakohurea, and unnamed, marked off Earthquake Flat road  - was once the main road south. One is close to the road on the stream bank. The other two are in a stream branch further south and may feed Waikite.  The road does not go right through.

Fairy Springs **

Rotorua. Cold, fresh. A major tourist attraction, mainly to view the trout.

Fernlands **

Bay of Plenty. Tauranga. Hot, pool & tubs. Small but pleasant, although close to public tip. Public outdoor pool and private indoor tubs. Indoor hot as one likes.

Fox River

Westland   Number 86 in Preservation.

Golden Springs

Rotorua. Waiotapu. Hot Pool at campground for campers only. Originally known as Orangikereru.

Grantham River

"Located on the Grantham River, a tributary of the Waiau River, 12km west of Hanmer Springs."

Hamurana **

Rotorua. North lake. Cold, fresh. Nice park, redwoods, path to source which is spectacular.

Hanmer **

Canterbury. Hanmer. Hot, pool & tubs. A major and historic spa resort. Springs now developed into a very attractive facility.


Westland. Lake Brunner. Hot, rustic. Inland from lake Brunner on Haupiri river. Pickering says "A rather obscure hot pool that once obviously had more use as there is a slimy dank concrete tub surrounding the spring. An unpleasant place."

Hendes Ferry

Westland. Wanganui River. Hot, rustic.  Insignificant springs?

Henry Burn

Fiordland.   "Located at the side of a creek in the upper Henry Burn, near Dusky Sound. Warm pool."

Hinemoa's Pool

or Waikimihia. Rotorua. Mokoia Island. Hot, rustic. There are several baths on the south-eastern side of the island. There is a boat service from Rotorua.


Tongariro. Turangi. Thermal area on hill above Waihi village. Not open to the public.


Taupo. Orakaikorako. Hot, rustic, beach. "On east edge of lake Ohakuri, 1 km above Waihunuhunu stream. Reputed to be pretty nice."


Rotorua. Number 44 in Preservation. No details.


Waikato.   Exact location unknown

Hot springs creek

Westland Wanganui River.  "This is off the Wanganui river some 3km from the road end. A ford of the Wanganui is required although the springs are rumoured to pleasant once reached."

Hot Water Beach **

Coromandel. Whitianga. Hot, dig & soak. Also called Orua. As well as the two springs on the beach, maps show a number on the creek heading inland. Swimming in ocean dangerous.

Humphrey's Bay

On shore of Lake Tarawera.

Hurunui **

Canterbury. Lake Sumner. Hot, rustic. Nine K from top of Lake Sumner on south side of river. Quite small.

Irene Valley

Fiordland.  "Located 100m from the Irene River, on the true right, near Charles Sound. Large flow. Only warm."


Whanganui. Number 72 in Preservation. No details.

Julia Hut

Westland. Taipo river.  Number 79 in Preservation. "This is a long way up the Taipo river by the old slab constructed hut. Usually best in Winter, when it can accommodate two at a time"

Kaitoke Springs **

Great Barrier. Claris. Hot, rustic. This is a series of springs in a creek about 3/4 hour walk from the road. Picnic table. Pools formed in creek. Nice temperature.

Kakatahi River

Westland.   Number 81 in Preservation. Kokatahi? "Located in the Upper Kokatahi River, about 3km above the junction with Crawford Creek, and some 12km from the road end."

Kamo Springs **

N. Auckland. Kamo. Warm, pool. Now owned by campground. Not very hot. "Only the Champagne Pool remains in use". Quite scungy.


Taupo  Or craters of the moon. Any springs?


Taupo AC Baths?


Needs exploring.


Thames Valley. Ngatea. Number 15 in Preservation. Shown on GS map as close to highway 2 north of Keripehi. Locals have not heard of it but hot water is obtained from bores. "Springs no longer emerge at surface because of local drainage".

Kerosene Creek **

Rotorua Waiotapu. Hot, rustic. In the Waiotapu forest off Old Waiotapu Road. Hakereteke stream, runs quite hot over a hot waterfall. Well worth repreated visits.

Ketetahi  **

Tongariro. Mt Tongariro. Hot, rustic. Two hours walk up the mountain. Now closed to soaking, cause tapu.

Kuirau  **

Rotorua. Rotorua. Hot, footpool. Was an important bathing pool. Now footpools and lake in a park.

Lake Cristabel

Westland ?

Lake Okataina

Eastern shore in beach sands.

Lake Omapere

Northland. Kaikohe. Hot Soda Spring Located on the shore flats of Lake Omapere.

Lake Rotokawa

Taupo.   GS shows 11 springs in this neighbourhood. To be investigated. Many springs in Waikato river to the north. See also Rotokawa near Rotorua.

Lake Waikare

Waikato. Rangiriri. Number 14 in Preservation. Shown in GS as in lake close to eastern shore. N52 734889. "Small sinter islet in Lake Waikare."


Thames Valley. Matamata. Number 22 in Preservation. GS map shows two springs 3K SSW of Manawaru on stream bank. Is this Waitoa? 11km NNW of Waitoa. N53 080810.


Taupo. Mangakino.  Lake covers a thermal area on eastern side.


Bay of Plenty. Kawerau. 18km WSW of Kawerau. Warm only?

Mangatainoka  **

Hawkes Bay. Puketitiri. Hot, rustic. See Mangatutu Spring for access to the road end. From the car park it is a brisk 2-hour walk down to and along the Mohaka river to the Puia Lodge hut. The hut sleeps about 20 and is pleasantly located. The walk to the hut also affords pleasant views although it has a couple of steep sections to get around bluffs. Springs a further half hour on from the hut. Nice tubs.

Mangatutu  **

Hawkes Bay. Puketitiri. Hot, rustic. This is 2 hours drive from Napier taking the Puketitiri Road. From Puketitiri the route is well marked via the "Hot Springs Road" and Makaku Road. At the end of the public road the route crosses the Makaku via the ford then follows a farm road for 10km to a high terrace above the Mohaka river - the last section of the road is rather rough and needs first gear but is quite OK. The end of the road is the car park for access to the Mangatainoka Hot Spring. Mangatutu spring is down the bank from the campground on the side of the bluff overlooking the Mohaka Very pleasant.

Manupirua **

Rotorua. Lake Rotoiti. Hot, rustic. On south shore of lake. Boat access only as forestry is closed. Very pleasant.


Rotorua, Lake Rotoiti, south shore.

Maruia  **

Westland. Lewis Pass. Hot, pool & tubs. Fantastic Japanese bathhouse and outdoor pools.


Thames Valley. Matamata. Hot, rustic. Survey map shows springs in country SE of town. Taihoa south road. Used as a private swimming bath.


Hawkes Bay. Waiau River  Listed as 66 in Preservation. No details.

Mayor Island

Bay of Plenty. Mayor Island. Hot, dig & soak. Springs and hot sand on a couple of beaches.

McKensie Stream

Canterbury. Lake Sumner. "4K up stream from junction with Hurunui. Two springs shown on GS map. Pickering says "this is a small piddling hot spring, hardly worth a visit."

Miranda **

Auckland. Thames. Hot, pool & tubs. Thermal resort. Large public pool at low temperature.  Hot pool for adults at one end. Nice grounds for picnics.

Misc Taupo

Taupo.  GS maps show springs to south of Napier road and on beach.


Needs exploration.


Taupo. Ohakuri. Mentioned that there is a spring in Whanapoua valley but no details found as yet. GS map shows spring and states "hot pool and swimming bath". Another map shows springs on east bank of Waikato below Ohakuri dam."

Morere  **

Gisborne. Wairoa. Hot, pool & tubs. In scenic reserve, operated by DOC. Close to road has indoor and outdoor public hot pools, and outdoor cold pool. Also a pair of private pools, very nice, open to bush. A 5 min walk upstream are the Nikau plunge pools - 2 tubs that take about 6 each. Fairly hot. Very pleasant surroundings.


Tongariro. Turangi. Number 60 in Preservation. Shown on GS to be at east bottom of Motuoapa peninsular on lake Taupo edge.

Mount Maunganui  **

Bay of Plenty. Tauranga. Hot, pool & tubs. Salt water. Recently renovated. Rather nice. Unsure whether the water is natural or heated. There was a natural spring on the site, however.

Mungo River

Westland   Number 82 in Preservation.

Naike  **

Waikato.. Huntly. Hot, rustic. North of Waingaru two large springs which have been known variously as the Whangape, the Awaroa, the Naike, the Waiora, and Te Maire Springs.


Taupo. Orakaikorako. Number 49 in Preservation. GS map shows 3 springs on bank of Orakonui stream, 2 k from Waikato R. GS also shows 4 springs upstream on banks of the Waikato. Shown on AA road Atlas. Many shown on other maps. Entrance to the forest road is S. side of bridge over Waikato off Tutukau Road.

Ngawha  **

N. Auckland. Kaikohe. Hot, pool. Very mineralised and muddy. Old mercury mines.  Scungy. About 20 springs in the area. Needs exploration.


Taupo. Ohaaki.  A large thermal pool? "Once a natural pool, sealed in 1989 and now fed from a bore. "


Taupo. Mokai. Hot (not public) "The pools belong to the Ngati Te Kohera people, centered around Pukaketaiari house."


Rotorua. Rotorua. Hot (not public). Was main bathing area in Rotorua but now there are only some privately owned pools.


Tongariro. Waihohonu. Cold, fresh.


Waikato Rangiriri. Number 13 in Preservation. Shown on GS map as being about 1/2 way between Rangiriri and Ohiniwai on swamp side of secondary road. N52 669870. "300m E of Highway 1, 3.5km north of Ohinewai." Not very hot? "Not found in recent survey"


Rotorua. Okataina. GS maps show hot spring in lake on eastern side.

Okoroire **

Thames Valley. Tirau. Hot, pool. Neat surroundings. Historic country hotel. Also Okoroire South. 1.4km south of Okoroire.


Bay of Plenty. Tauranga. Associated with camp ground. Pamphlet doesn't make it seem appealing.


Whakatane. Kawerau. Hot (not public). All maps show a hot lake to the west of Kawerau as well.


Rotorua. Waiotapu. Hot (not public) "At Reporoa there were dressing sheds at Butchers Pool."

Opal Springs **

Thames Valley. Matamata. Hot, pool & tubs. Was Okauia. Ramaroa spring is private pool. Nice spot with campground and cabins.


Taupo Orakaikorako ? Thermal area. Zillions of springs. On east bank south of geyser area and on west bank to the north of the shop. Spa pools are available to guests staying in rented cabins.


See Golden Springs


Waikato Orinii


Rotorua   "Lake Rotoatamaheke, mentioned in ""Yesterday's new earth"", thermal reserve at Rotorua."


See Hotwater Beach


Rotorua Rotomahana. Hot, rustic. Maps show a bunch of springs in 4 different locations on the west shore of the lake.

Otehake River

Westland   Number 77 in Preservation. Pickering says "About 5km up the Otehake River (easy shingle travel up the river bed) by  a large island with beech trees and a good campsite. These spring depend vitally on the state of the river as they seep into a normally dry side bed of the river. Don't bother after rain."

Otei **

Rotorua Rotoma. Spring in lake Rotoma in front of campground. Warm feet only.  Maps also show springs on track leading south from Waitangi.

Otira River

Westland. Number 78 in Preservation. Located on the east bank of the Otita river, beside the highway, 4.5km south of Otira."


Rotorua, Lake Rotoiti, South Shore


Auckland. Waiheke Island. Number 6 in Preservation. Shown on GS maps. On stream running into Owhiti Bay, north coast to east before Stony Batter. "No trace in recent years."


Thames. Valley. Paeroa. Cold, mineral.

Paradise Valley Springs

Rotorua. Ngongotaha. Cold, fresh.

Parakai  **

Auckland. Helensville. Hot, pool & tubs. Thermal resort, slides etc. Domain is now Aquatic Park. There is a large indoor pool that is moderately hot and also private pools.  Palm Springs is another resort. It is smaller scale and keeps one spa pool at a good temperature - it also has a private pool. There is a 3rd? "There are three motels with attached hot pools."

Peach Tree  **

Great Barrier. Claris. Hot, rustic.A small spring next to Kaitoke swamp, about 1 1/2 hours walk from road. A soak pool (for two) has been formed. Very hot, but a bit scungy. GS maps show 5 springs in this area.

Plummers Point **

Bay of Plenty. Tauranga. Hot, pool. Attached to camp ground. Open to the public. Warm swimming pool plus hot soak pool - moderately hot but not very. Pleasant surrounds. Likely to be crowded with children on holidays.

Polynesian Pools

Rotorua. Hot, pool & tubs. Has  the Priest and Radium pools as well as others. The remains of Rotorua's heyday. Great.


Rotorua. Waikite. See Earthquake Flat.

Puketitiri **

See Mangatutu and Mangatainoka."


Canterbury. Lyttleton. Warm? Number 88 in Preservation. Shown on map of Geology of Banks Peninsular as being at the head of Purau bay to the east of Diamond Harbour. However, the owners of the Purau motor camp have never heard of it. There area  number of warm and mineralised springs around Lyttleton, but nothing significant.


Thames Valley. Paeroa. Cold, mineral. 1.4 km  SE of Puriri. Slightly warm. 22.7 ml/s


No Nothing.

Riwaka **

Nelson. Motueka. Cold, fresh. Source of river.


Rotorua.   26 km N.E. of Rotorua.

Rotorua Campground **

Rotorua. Hot, pool. Pretty basic pool associated with the camping ground. Not worth visiting for its own sake given the range of alternatives in Rotorua.


Rotorua. Lake Rotoiti. Up hills on south shore?

Sapphire Springs  **

Bay of Plenty. Katikati. Hot, pool & tubs. Nice country resort. Water not very hot.

Sheehan Spring

Thames Valley. Matamata.  Located about 3 km north of Waiteariki hot spring. N57 342546. Big flow.

Silica Rapids **

Tongariro. Waikare stream. Cold, mineral. Interesting silca deposits.

Soda Springs

Tongariro. Mangatepopo. Cold, mineral. Effervescent. Another map shows a hot spring to the north of the track in fron Mangatapopo, SW of Tongarero summit.

Sulphur Spring

Taupo. The Glen valley below the AC.  An enclosed pool? The outflow from this flows into the Taupo river. There is a track down from Spa Park that goes as far as Huka Falls. There is a large flow of water but it is very hot. It is possible to get an appropriate mixture of hot and Waikato water.

Sylvia Flats **

Canterbury. Lewis Pass. Hot, rustic. On opposite side of Boyle river to the Lewis pass road, 1K before road follows Lewis river up to pass. Are there two springs? Sandfly heaven.


Rotorua. Lake Rotoiti. On north side. Most acid used. Haven't found it yet.


South Thames Valley. Matamata.  On western bank of Waihou river 6.4km SSE of Matamata.

Taniwha Springs

Rotorua. Ngongotaha. Cold, fresh..


Coromandel. Whitianga. Number 7 in Preservation. Shown on GS map as being at north end of Whitianga beach in Mercury Bay. "Emerges through the sandy bed of Taputapuatea Stream near where the main Whitianga-Kuaotunu Road crosses. These springs have not been re-located in recent decades"

Tarawera **

Hawkes Bay. Taupo-Napier road. Hot, rustic. 0.5 km from tavern. On a steep slope above the Waipunga River. 2km from road. 2 tubs, open to the sky. Not in good repair, but perhaps been done up recently?

Te Aroha **

Thames Valley. Te Aroha. Hot, tubs. Remants of old resort. Bookable spas and No. 2 bath-house. Interesting museum and old hotel buildings. New outdoor pool. Great.

Te Kopia

Taupo. Orakaikorako.  Thermal area to be explored. Have seen map showing springs up creek to the east.

Te Puia **

Gisborne. Te Puia. Hot, pool & tub. The spring is adjacent to the Te Puia Springs hotel. The hotel is an old resort spa from the first half of the century. The hotel is interesting and the grounds particularly so. Bathing is in the hotel grounds. There is a well-maintained private pool "The Sheba" (could hold half a dozen). The water is fairly hot but does vary depending on the amount of recent rain. Outdoors is the original large pool and changing rooms. The large pool is empty and not maintained but there is a smaller shallow pool at one end that has been kept going.

Te Puia **

Waikato. Kawhia. Hot, dig & soak. Located on the beach due west of Kawhia. Needs low tide?

Te Rata Bay

Rotorua. Tarawera. Hot, dig & soak. There is a spring on the beach on the west side of the`southern bay of Lake Tarawera.

Teareha River

Westland Teareha river.  Number 80 in Preservation. Toaroha? Cedar Flats?

Tikitere **

Rotorua. Hot, footpool. Now called Hells Gate. Used to be able to bathe in the waterfall but now there are only footpools.

Tokaanu **

Tongariro. Turangi. Hot, pool & tubs. Quite nice. Public pool can get crowded - is fresh water (chlorinated) heated by thermal water. Private pools may be closed after heavy rain. Can have to wait for a free private pool. Private pools of varying sizes. Reasonably hot but not extreme. Alkaline water, little odour.

Top Hope

Canterbury. Hope River.  "A good day-and -a half tramp up the Hope river to this one, a little up hot-spring creek. A beech tree shades the pool, which can take a couple of bodies. Good camping on the grass flats around the pool." Sounds worth the effort.

Totara Springs

Thames Valley. Matamata?

Transit Valley

Fiordland.   Located on the true left of the Transit River. Warm creek. Small flow.


20 km SW of Kawarau. Warm only.


Westland. Franz Josef. Hot, rustic. Junction of the Callery and Waiho rivers some distance from Franz Josef.


Taupo. Orakaikorako.  Road to east of Orakeikorako. Hot thermal stream shown on map. Doesn't seem to be anything there.


See Hinemoa's Pool.

Waikite **

Rotorua. Waiotapu. Hot, pool & tubs. Small thermal resort formed from Otamakokore stream. Most pleasant country pools. There is also a thermal area further down the valley.


Urewera. Waiohau? Number 64 in Preservation. Shown on GS map. On left bank (going upstream) of Waikokopu stream just before first fork. Also called Pukehinau in Concise.


Waikato Te Akau.  Number 18 in Preservation. Need to look on GS map again. There is a Waikorea stream flowing to sea but map dot is inland. N55 370689. 900m S of Waikorea stream in valley of small tributary that enters stream about 6km from the sea. 47ml/sec. Local farmer says it exists.

Waikoropupu **

Nelson. Takaka. Cold, fresh. The largest spring in New Zealand. Freezing cold water but crystal clear. Worth a look. The "pupu" springs.


Whakatane. Te Teko. Cold, mineral. South of Awakeri, edge of Raungaehe range.


Hot stream. Nothing developed for bathing.

Waingaro **

Waikato. Hamilton. Hot, pool & tubs. Popular family resort, slides etc.. Hotel from 1885.


Whanganui. Pipiriki. Hot, rustic. On eastern bank of river just north of Pipiriki. Reputed to be only warm.


Rotorua. Waiotapu. "There are 6 hot waterfalls of various heights though not more than 100 people have seen the highest. There are 3 places where hot streams join the Waiotapu stream." The southerly entrance road from the state highway to the Waiotapu thermal area crosses a hot creek where there is access for bathing.


Taupo. Mokai.  Springs in Waipapa river, fairly close to Waikato, are outflow of the Mokai thermal field. Maps also show a spring closer to Mokai. Tirohanga youth camp, where Waipapa meets Waikato reputedly has thermal water tap.


Hawkes Bay. Gentle Annie. Rustic. This is shown on the map of the Ruahine Forest Park. It seems to be on the true right bank of the Taruarau river, about 1km up stream from where a vehicle track crosses the river. The vehicle track heads South off the Taihape-Napier road a few kilometers to the west of Kuripapango.


Taupo. Wairaki. Original waters now used for the hotel pools. There may be other streams and pools in the area. GS maps show that there used to be a series of springs up the Waikato river. Many are marked on survey map in the hills behind Wairakei.


Urewera. "On the Wairoa stream. Highway 38, Mimiha bridge before Ruatahuna. 4hrs down Parahaki stream to where meets Wairoa and becomes Waiau, just up from Parahaki Junction hut. Spring is 2 hrs up the Wairoa stream from the forks, on left hand side.  This is shown on the park map but a visit to the spot marked revealed nothing currently.

Waitaha River

Westland.   Located on the true left of Waitaha River near junction of Glamour Glen and Waitaha River below Morgan Gorge.

Waitangi or Soda Springs **

Rotorua. Lake Rotohue. Hot, rustic. Scungy but very hot. Nice outflow over small dam for bathing. Impressive main spring on other side of the road. There may be other springs in the area. The local campground has a spa-pool, so they say.


Thames Valley. Matamata. Number 24 in Preservation. GS map shows 2 springs on edge of Kaimais. "In lower Waiteariki valley, beside Gravesons Road, about 10km E of Waharoa" N57 351519. Adjacent to Till road. Matamata hot springs reserve.


Bay of Plenty. Maketu Hot. (not public) ""During the 70s the baths were run as a commercial venture." Shown on GS map. Number 30 in Preservation. On south side of Maketu Estuary."

Waitetoko **

Tongariro. Turangi. Warm the toes. In Lake Taupo off the point at the outlet of the Waitetoko stream just west of Waitetoko. Access through road to private campground. Bubbles rising to surface, red discoloration on sand. Quite close to the shore in some spots, hot to the searching foot. Might become a "dig and soak" when the lake level is very low. Number 59 in Preservation.


Thames Valley. Tahuna. Number 16 in Preservation. Shown on GS map on dead end road near Otway. "in swampland on bothe sides of Waitoa River, 11km NNW of Waitoa". N53 079810."

Waiwera **

Auckland. Orewa. Hot, pool & tubs. Thermal resort, slides etc. Very busy. The campground has a hot pool and there are motels/hotels with private facilities. Campground now closed?


Thames Valley. Matamata . Number 25 in Preservation. No details. "N66 193490 Near Maungapapa Stream at end of Scherers Road, 4.4 km W of Waharoa"

Wanganui River

Westland.   Located in several places along a large part of the length of the Wanganui River. 1km. 4.5km. 23km (largest) upstream from main road.

Welcome Bay

Bay of Plenty. Tauranga. Hot, pool & tubs. Tubes, family resort.

Welcome Flat

Westland. On Copeland Track. Hot, rustic. Reputed to be "in the world's top 10"




Rotorua. Hot (not public) Was public at one time. Now used by villagers only.

Whale Island

Bay of Plenty. Whakatane. GS maps show 2 springs on Island. Also called Motuhora.


Taupo.   Located about 5km downstream from Mihi on the Whangairorohea Stream

Whataroa River

Westland.   Number 84 in Preservation.

White Island


Coromandel. Hahei.  Number 8 in Preservation. Shown on GS map as being about 1K (900m) up stream at south end of Hahei beach. "Now the actual site is difficult to locate"


Bay of Plenty. Katikati. Number 21 in Preservation. no details.  100m along swampy streamlet, flowing into Tuapiro Stream, 4km NNW of Katikati on E side of Kaimai range, near Tauranga harbour. Locals have no knowledge, but hot water is obtained from local bores.