PhD Students:

I have supervised the following students towards their PhD degree in mathematics and computer science:

1. Ruzimat Dadajanov (1987-1994). Currently Professor of Tashkent University.

2. Sasha Rubin (1999-2004). Postdoctoral fellow of FRST New Zealand (2005-2008), visiting assistant professor at Cornell University (2008-2010), visiting Lecturer (University of Cape Town), Researcher TU Vienna.

3. Pavel Semukhin (2004-2008). Postdoctoral fellow at the mathematics department, NUS (2009-2010). Postdoctoral fellow at Computer Science Department, University of Regina, Canada. Researcher at University of Liverpool, UK.

4. Mia Minnes (2004-2008, Cornell University). Co-supervised by Prof. Anil Nerode, Cornell University. Moore Instructor MIT, USA (2008-2010); presently Warschawski Assistant Professor, Math Department, UCSD.

5. Jiamou Liu (2005-2010). Currently assistant professor at AUT, Auckland.

6. Imran Khaliq (2006-2011). Lecturer at Media Design School, Auckland, New Zealand.

7. Alexander Melnikov (2007-2011). Alexander holds a postdoctoral fellow position at Berkeley. He will start his lectureship at Albany campus, Massey University from 2015.

8. Aniruddh Gandhi (2007-2012). Senor Software Engineer, Orion Health, New Zealand.

9. Michael Kokho (2012-present).

10. Dimitry Berdinsky (2012-present).

During PhD studies, my students have studied and worked at Cornell University, Heidelberg University, University of Leipzig, National University of Singapore, and Macrosfot Research Asia. Most of my PhD students, during their study, have collaborated with professors from the institutions mentioned.