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PLEASE NOTICE that - unless you are yourself a relic of times gone by - this page is a FOSSIL. I do not intend to take on any more research students, but I preserve the page and its descendants because others have found the material useful. I've left the text unchanged, because it's easy, but some of its implications are no longer significant

If you are one of my research students, this page might contain things that I think might help you in one way or another. If you're not one of my students, you are welcome anyway, but the material isn't so likely to be useful to you. Still, who knows ?

If I'm not supervising your work, but I'm going to assess it, you might find some indication of my approach - perhaps most usefully in "What I want to get out of you".

This page is not intended to be full of information, but to collect together other bits of things which you might find helpful.

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Alan Creak,
2001, February.

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