Chaplaincy Network meetings in 2002

What we did in the first semester, 2002 :

March 12th the company What shall we do ?
March 19th Peter Murnane and Laurie Wesley provided some background. Commemorating and analysing September 11th 2001.
March 26th Don Nield Recent developments in the science-religion "debate".
April 2nd was in the Easter break.
April 9th Alan Creak burbled for a while on Richard Baxter's "Saints' Rest".
April 16th Contributions from those present A current affairs discussion.
April 23rd was in the mid-semester break. It was also St George's day, as it is every year, though I don't think that has any direct connection with the Chaplaincy Network.
April 30th Laurie Wesley Church worship Sunday by Sunday - what is it all about ?
May 7th Peter Murnane New paradigms in theology and science.
May 14th Terry Wall Traditional Jewish thinking about protest in prayer.
May 21st the company
Terry Wall
Peter Murnane
Topics for discussion :
1 : Arguments with God : continuing last week's topic.
2 : Immanence and transcendence : is God out there or in here ?
May 28th Alan Creak Hidden messages : saying things without saying them.
June 4th Paul Robertson Possibilities for Burma.

What we did in the second semester, 2002 :

July 23th Don Nield Book review : "The Frontiers of Science and Faith: Examining Questions from the Big Bang to the End of the Universe" by John Jefferson Davis.
July 30th Alan Creak Discussion of a letter sent by the governing council of the Bahá'í Faith to the world's religious leaders "to help put out the fires of religious prejudice and fanaticism". Copies of the letter will be available at the meeting.
August 6th Alan Creak Further discussion of the letter; some further information was available. We got up to the "implications" section.
August 13th Alan Creak Even more discussion of the letter.
August 20th Laurie Wesley The Nativity stories and the virgin birth : How should we read them ? - How should we tell them ?
August 27th Anyone interested A current affairs discussion.
September 3rd and 10th were in the mid-semester break. But then -
September 17th Paul Robertson Should Christians be involved in politics ? Do we have a 'United Future' ?
September 24th Robert Sheehan Questions for liberal and conservative Christians.
October 1st A group of Baha'i students Common themes in the world's major religions : discussion.
October 8th The Baha'i students again Common themes in the world's major religions : further discussion.
October 15th Baha'i students The life of Baha'u'llah.
October 22nd Alan Creak Life and faith : the nature of faith and its place in our lives.

Alan Creak,
2003 March.