Auckland University Chaplaincy

This web page is a fraud; it belongs to Alan Creak, not to the University Chaplaincy.

I first made it when the Chaplaincy didn't have any visible web pages of its own. I wanted to make available some material about various topics connected with the Chaplaincy, so I made this page and some others to which this page is linked.

Now there is some information about the Chaplaincy on the university site ( links included as appropriate below ) I could throw my page away. But I haven't.



Rev Uesifili Unasa is the Maclaurin chaplain. He is based in the Maclaurin Chapel. The chaplain's office is in the Maclaurin Hall, next to the chapel ( 3737599 ext 87732 ).

The Roman Catholic chaplains, Father Paul Rankin and Sister Clare O'Connor, are based in Newman Hall. If you enter from Waterloo Quadrant, go straight through the building ( with a little zigzag by the reception desk ) and to the back door; their room is on the right. Their telephone number is 3033852.


The Maclaurin Chapel is in the university grounds near the corner of Princes Street and Waterloo Quadrant. The buildings include the chapel itself, the Maclaurin Hall, the Maclaurin Chapel Library, and the Maclaurin Chaplain's office.

There is a short service in the chapel at around 12.30 p.m. on Thursdays, regular during the university's lecture periods, and perhaps at other times. It happens either in the chapel itself, or in the chaplain's office, or - less frequently - elsewhere. Try the chapel and the office first.

Addresses, etc. :

Maclaurin Chapel,
Auckland University,
Private Bag 92019,
New Zealand.
+64-9-3737599 extension

Once upon a time ( 1999 ), we explored the possibility of starting a choir. This was not an overwhelming success; the attendance at the meeting of interested parties was one, after which we had one telephone call expressing interest and one apology from someone on the point of leaving the university. The proposal remains a dream; anyone who'd like to give it another go is most welcome to get in touch. Here's last time's blurb for interest.


Newman Hall is on Waterloo Quadrant between parts of the university grounds - opposite the main grounds, with the Law School behind it. The building is also used by the Catholic Institute of Theology.

Mass is celebrated throughout the year, except in January :

1.10 p.m.1.10 p.m.1.10 p.m.

Addresses, etc. :

Newman Hall,
16 Waterloo Quadrant,
Auckland 1001,
New Zealand.
( Chaplains ) +64-9-3033852+64-9-3033851Catholic Tertiary Chaplaincy, Auckland
( C.I.T. ) +64-9-3796424 +64-9-3796426 


The Forum meets now and then, usually around lunchtime. Meetings usually begin with a presentation on some topic of interest, secular or theological, from an invited speaker, followed by discussion, but there is no rigid form.

Alan Creak,
2005 November.