[DGW2009] textbook errors

We will be awarding a prize (most likely, 0.2% added to course marks) to the first finder of each new error in the latest version of the textbook (current version was published in early 2009). Errors and corrections will be listed here as they are found. Errors may be typographical or factual. The lecturers' decision on what constitutes an error is final and not subject to appeal.

When reporting errors by email (to one of the textbook authors), please include both your name and UPI. Errors found by students will be marked in the form FOUND (DATE): UPI and those not found by a member of the class, but found by the lecturers, will be added to this page by the end of the semester.

Errors and corrections (Semester 1, 2009) found by Andre Nies

Errors and corrections (Semester 2, 2009)

Errors and corrections (Semester 2, 2010)

Errors and corrections (Semester 1, 2012)

Errors and corrections (Semester 2, 2012)