Data Structures and Algorithms
Animated Algorithms

The following pages contain animations of some of the algorithms covered in this text. Please note that

  1. Some of the Java classes take a very long time to load!
  2. These animations are currently the result of a major effort to enhance the data structures and algorithms course and are thus subject to continuous enhancement. Comments are most welcome!

  1. UWA animations

    Please note that these are under active development!

    Sorting algorithms

    1. Woi Ang's Insertion Sort Animation
    2. Woi Ang's QuickSort Animation
    3. Chien Wei Tan's QuickSort Animation
    4. Woi Ang's Bin Sort Animation
    5. Woi Ang's Radix Sort Animation
    6. Woi Ang's Priority Queue Animation

    Searching Algorithms

    1. Mervyn Ng's Red Black Tree Animation
    2. Woi Ang's Hash Table Construction Animation
    3. Woi Ang's Optimal Binary Search Tree Animation
    4. JungHo Yoo and ChangHwan Park's B Tree Animation
    5. Trie Animation

    Greedy algorithms

    1. Woi Ang's Huffman Encoding & Decoding Animation

    Dynamic algorithms

    1. Woi Ang's Matrix Chain Multiplication Animation

    Graph algorithms

    1. Mervyn Ng's Minimum Spanning Tree Animation
    2. Mervyn Ng's Animation of Dijkstra's Algorithm
    3. KyungTae Kim's Animation of the Convex Hull Algorithm
    4. JiMo Jung's Animation of the Convex Hull Algorithm
If you find the animations useful, but want them a little closer to home, you can download a file of them all: anim.tar.gz. They are also available by ftp. If you do download them, please don't forget to acknowledge Woi Ang as the author wherever you use them and I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know .. and, of course, if you have any suggestions or comments, they're most welcome: .

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