University of Auckland

The 4ICC will be held at the University of Auckland, City Campus, Engineering Building, 20 Symonds St, Auckland. More specifically, invited talks will be held in room 401-439 and contributed talks in rooms 401-401 and 401-439. Room 403-401 is available as a practice room or for informal discussions. The registration desk and refreshments will be in the Neon foyer outside room 401-439. For further reference, here is a campus map.

Computer access is available in Room 403-409 (open 8:30--17:00). Log in to the machines with username "guest01" and password "guest01". Then login to NetAccount as "eng9009" with the password given at the conference. Alternatively, you can use the wireless network "UoA" with username "eng9009". Limited printing facilities will be available from Monday afternoon.

Local Attractions

There is much to see and do in Auckland. Below is a small sample of local attractions. For more information, visit Tourism Auckland on the web or in person at any of several i-SITE tourism information centers. The closest i-SITE to the University of Auckland is in the atrium of Skycity on the corner of Victoria and Federal Streets (phone 363.7182 or 0800.AUCKLAND), and it is open every day 8:00--20:00.


With hundreds of café and restaurants in downtown Auckland alone, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to dining. Here are just a few recommendations. Price estimates exclude drinks.

Food Markets

The major supermarkets in Auckland are Foodtown (76 Quay Street) and New World (2 College Hill). For a wider variety of East Asian groceries, visit Tai Ping Trading Company (105 Beach Road). For snack items, visit the University of Auckland's Munchy Mart in the Kate Edger Information Commons (section 315 of the campus map) or one of the many dairies/convenience stores downtown.


The major banks in Auckland are ANZ, ASB Bank, BNZ, HSBC, National Bank, and Westpac. ASB Bank, BNZ, and National Bank have automatic teller machines on campus (by Alfred Street in section 311 of the campus map). The closest ATMs for the other banks are ANZ's at 256--260 Queen Street, HSBC's at 1 Queen Street, and Westpac's at 210 Queen Street. HSBC bankers can also use Westpac ATMs at no charge.


The University of Auckland has a pharmacy in the Kate Edger Information Commons (section 315 of the campus map). There also many on Queen Street.

The Sun

Mind the New Zealand sun! Peak ultraviolet radiation intensities in New Zealand are about 40% greater than at comparable latitudes in North America and Europe. Though the outdoor temperatures are mild in Auckland in December, the ultraviolet indices are extreme, regularly reaching levels of 11 and greater around solar noon (about 13:30). In these conditions skin damage can occur in less than 15 minutes. Moreover, excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation can be damaging to long-term health, increasing the risks of skin cancer and cataracts.

So please protect yourself from the harsh sun, especially between 11:00 and 16:00 when the ultraviolet rays are most fierce. Seek shade, wear a long-sleeve shirt, wide-brimmed hat, and close-fitting sunglasses, and apply SPF30+ sunscreen.

Here is a map of the locations mentioned above.

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