Welcome to TEAA 2005

Enterprise Applications are mission critical for organizations. Currently there are several initiatives that see enterprise application integration as their natural playground, like Model Driven Architecture and Service Oriented Architecture. Now is the time to investigate how these approaches can provide added value. This workshop welcomes contributions that identify a problem or issue in enterprise application architecture and propose and evaluate a solution. We want to discuss in how far proposed solutions are aware of the state-of-the-art database technology.

Applications, operating systems, database systems, hardware architecture and system administration concepts must be orchestrated to yield an optimized system architecture that tackles performance, stability, security, maintainability, and eventually total cost of ownership. In practice, it is always a holistic view that is needed - it is known that system design approaches that overemphasize one of the software or hardware architecture aspects are likely to fail. In this workshop we want to look for conceptual underpinnings of enterprise application architecture. We are interested in contributions that provide scalable solutions for highly available systems.

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Revised papers will be published in a post-proceedings of the Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science series.