Gently is a deprecated forward engineering tool for Model 1 web presentation layers. Gently is the precursor of the tool Angie. The specification language Gently allows to document a JSP based dialogue. It serves as input to the Gently generator, that produces JSP and Servlet templates for a complete type safe dialogue.

Commonly accepted documentation and testing concepts, when used naively in the context of developing a servlet based ultra-thin client tier, may consider only the purely technical parameters (HTTPRequest, HTTPResponse) instead of the CGI parameters significant for the business logic. Moreover, the servlet concept is open for polymorphic use of servlets. One servlet can be designed to respond to different sets of CGI parameters. However, the servlet mechanism does not perform any checking on the parameter set.

Gently enables the JSP developer to write a typed specification of the system as the signature of a static object system. The template generator maps each object to one JSP and each method offered by this object to a protected region within this JSP.