T. Helleseth, P.V. Norway Kumar, K. Yang, (Eds.). Sequences and their Applications, Proceedings of SETA'01, Springer-Verlag, London, 2002. VIII, 324 pages. Softcover. ISBN: 1-85233-529-7. Recommended Retail Price: DM 199,90

Pseudorandom sequences have widespread applications, for instance, in spread spectrum, code division multiple access, optical and ultrawide band communication systems, as well as in ranging systems global positioning systems, circuit testing and stream ciphers. Such sequences also have strong ties to error-correcting codes. This volume contains survey and research papers on sequences and their applications. It brings together leading experts from discrete mathematics, computer science and communications engineering, and helps to bridge advances in these different areas. Papers in this volume discuss the theory of sequences and their applications in cryptography, coding theory, communications systems, numerical computation and computer simulation.

Contents: Invited Papers: Uniformly Representable Permutation Polynomials.- New p-ary perfect Sequences and Difference Sets with Singer Parameters.- On the crosscorrelation of m-sequences and related sequences with ideal autocorrelation.- Sequences for OFDM and Multi-Code CDMA: Two Problems in Algebraic Coding Theory.- Signal Design for Ultra-wideband Radio.- Constructions of Sequences from Algebraic Curves over Finite Fields.- Regular Papers: Description of Binary Sequences Based on the Interval Linear Complexity Profile .- On the Number of Kernel Elements of Automatic Sequences.- On the Coset Weight Divisibility and Nonlinearity of Resilient and Correlation-Immune Functions .- On the Linear Complexity of Generalised Legendre Sequence.- Hyper-Cyclotomic Algebra.- Cyclic Projective Planes, Perfect Circular Rulers, and Good Spanning Rulers.- Linear Recursive Sequences over Elliptic Curves.- On the Distinctness of Decimations of l-Sequences.- On Binary Sequences of Period n=pm-1 with Optimal Autocorrelation.- On the Profile of the k-Error Linear Complexity and the Zero Sum Property for Sequences over GF(pm) with Period pn.- Constant Sum Implies Statistical Independence of Chaotic Sequences.- First-Order Optimal Approximation of Binary Sequences.- On the Uniformity of Distribution of Congruential Generators over Elliptic Curves.- Further Constructions of Resilient Boolean Functions with Very High Nonlinearity.- On Certain 3-Weight Cyclic Codes Having Symmetric Weights and a Conjecture of Helleseth.- The Quantum Entanglement of Binary and Bipolar Sequences.- Characteristic Polynomials of Binary Kronecker Sequences.- The Generation of PseudoRandom Numbers for the Simulation of White Gausssian Noise.