C. S. Calude, G. Paun (eds.). Finite vs Infinite, Contributions to an Eternal Dilemma, Springer-Verlag, London, 2000, ISBN: 1-85233-251-4. 45.00 March 2000, x + 372 pages softcover.

The finite-infinite interplay is central in the human thinking, from ancient philosophers and mathematicians (Zenon, Pythagoras), to modern mathematics (Cantor, Hilbert) and computer science (Turing, Goedel). Recent developments in mathematics and computer science suggest radically new answers to classical questions such as:

These recent developments also open up new questions of debate, including:

Well-known authors from around the world, many of them architects of the mathematics and computer science for the new century, contribute to this volume. While mathematical in spirit, contributions have many connections with computer science, cognitive science, linguistics, philosophy, physics, biology and semiotics.