This conference was held in gloriously fine weather on the City Campus of the University of Auckland. This campus is situated on a rise overlooking the Waitemata Harbour, providing a view appropriate for the "City of Sails".

The conference talks covered a wide range of areas in combinatorics and computing. Eight invited speakers, including Fields Medal winner and avid windsurfer Vaughan Jones, each gave one-hour presentations. In addition there were 49 contributed 20-minute talks, packed into two streams.

The main conference excursion was a boat trip to two nearby islands in the Hauraki Gulf. Rangitoto is a dormant volcano prominent from most parts of Auckland. Most of the excursion party managed to climb to the peak to experience a memorable view, and then return unscathed. The second island, Motuihe, was flatter with sandy beaches and nice walks. Other social events included a welcoming reception, a conference banquet and a survivors' party attended by a large proportion of hardy individuals. The conference was notable for its friendly atmosphere and the high quality of the presentations. The Director thanks all those involved for their participation, and looks forward to the 21st ACCMCC which will be held at Deakin University in Geelong, Australia in July 1995.

The following invited talks were presented (in speaking order):

Block-transitive designs
Cheryl Praeger, University of Western Australia
Growth and Separation in Graphs
Paul Bonnington, University of Auckland
Pseudo--Random Graphs
Neal Brand, University of North Texas
Orthogonal Resolutions of Triple Systems
Alex Rosa, McMaster University, Canada
Some advances in computational design theory
Brendan McKay, Australian National University
A subfactor approach to combinatorics
Vaughan Jones, University of California (Berkeley)
Classic Packings and Exact Packings
Ralph Stanton, University of Manitoba
Transversal designs with higher index
Charles Colbourn, University of Waterloo, Canada
The following contributed talks were presented (in alphabetical order of presenter):
  1. R.E.L. Aldred*, M.N. Ellingham, R.L. Hemminger and D.A. Holton . Cycles through selected edges in quasi-4-connected graphs
  2. F. E. Bennett* and H. Zhang . Latin Squares with Self-Orthogonal Conjugates
  3. Sharon G. Boswell* and R Jamie Simpson . Edge-Disjoint Maximal Planar Graphs
  4. Elizabeth J. Billington . The intersection problem for small G designs
  5. Matthew Brown . Generalized Quadrangles of order (q,q^2) , q even containing W(q) as a subquadrangle
  6. L. Caccetta* and T.A. Kusmayadi . On the Circumference of Graphs
  7. Darryn E. Bryant . Trades in triple systems
  8. Marston Conder . Asymmetric Combinatorially-Regular Maps
  9. Jane W. Di Paola . Transfers in Steiner Triple Systems and Partial Systems
  10. Peter Eades*, Wei Lai, and Gitesh Raikundalia . Spremb 5.0: Animation
  11. Qing-Wen Feng*, Peter Eades and Robert F. Cohen . On Planarity of Clustered Graphs
  12. Les R. Foulds*, John W. Giffin and Kelvin H. Watson . Orthogonal Layouts using the Deltahedron Heuristic
  13. W.P. Galvin . Single-machine Scheduling to Minimise Total Absolute
  14. W.P. Galvin . Lateness for a Specified Number of Tardy jobs
  15. L.Caccetta and B.K.Gan* . Constrained Minimum Weight Spanning Trees in Network Design
  16. Peter B. Gibbons . Progress on Determining the Spectrum of Orthogonal Group Divisible Designs
  17. Marc Gysin . On the Weighing Matrices of order 4n and Weight 4n-2 and 2n-1
  18. Joan Cooper, Diane Donovan and Rebecca A. H. Gower* . Critical Sets in Direct Products of Back Circulant Latin Squares
  19. Ken Gray* and Gabrielle Matters . Some Principles of Combinatorial Design Exploited in the
  20. Ken Gray* and Gabrielle Matters . 1993 Queensland Core Skills Test Marking Operation
  21. Paul R. Hafner . On a graph of O'Keefe and Wong
  22. Angele Hamel . Determinantal Forms and Pfaffians for Symmetric Functions
  23. Angele Hamel . with Particular Application to Schur Q--functions
  24. Nicholas Hamilton . Geometric Structures in the Finite Figueroa Planes
  25. Robert E.L. Aldred, Derek A. Holton*, Michael D. Plummer, Michael I. Porteous . Prescribed and Proscribed Extendability
  26. Golala Kadir . The Steiner system S(5,8,24) constructed from dual affine planes
  27. Arnold Knopfmacher . Counting Permutations and Polynomials with a Restricted Factorization Pattern
  28. Ewa Kubicka . How to examine all trees of a given order
  29. Louis Caccetta and Yaya S. Kusumah* . Heuristic Procedures for the Facility Layout Problem
  30. H. Wang, C. H. C. Little* and K. L. Teo . Partition of a Directed Bipartite Graph into Two Directed Circuits
  31. L. Caccetta and S. Mardiyono* . On the Existence of Almost-Regular-Graphs with Exactly One 1-Factor
  32. Michael E. Morley . Splitting up the Peer Groups or Organising the Daily Chaos
  33. Margaret Morton* , Marston Conder and Cheryl Praeger . Symmetric Graphs with Imprimitive Vertex-stabilizer
  34. Radu Nicolescu . A Customised Approach to Vehicle Routing and Scheduling with Time Windows
  35. Patric R. J. Östergård . New Multiple Covering Codes by Tabu Search
  36. William D. Palmer . Bhaskar Rao Designs with Variable Group Sizes
  37. John Pearson . The Hadwiger Number of some Finite Graphs and Groups
  38. Tim Penttila . Hyperovals in planes of order 16
  39. Ivano Pinneri . Generalised Quadrangles, Flocks and Ovals
  40. Manley Perkel . Polygonal and Near-Polygonal Graphs
  41. Rolando E. Ramos and Ramulo G. Pizaña* . On Invariant, Vanishing and Expanding Graphs Under the Mapping T
  42. H. Robalewska . 2-factors in Random Regular Graphs
  43. C. Ramsay and I. Roberts* . Improved Bounds on Completely S eparating Systems of Sets
  44. Dominique Roelants van Baronaigien . Loopless Generation of k -ary Trees
  45. M. Abdus Salam . Characters of the Symmetric Groups
  46. R. Klein and J. Schönheim* . Colorability of Graphs Decomposable into Degenerate Graphs
  47. Cantian Lin and Jennifer Seberry* . Remarks of the Equivalence of Certain Hadamard Matrices of Square Order
  48. Nirmala Achuthan, N.R. Achuthan and M. Simanihuruk* . On Defective Colourings of Complementary Graphs
  49. A. Slinko . Algebraic properties of random (0,1) matrices
  50. Cathy Delaney, Adelle Howse and Anne Penfold Street* . Pointwise defining sets and their analogues
  51. Kee L. Teo . A Simple Method for Determining Chromatically Equivalent Graphs
  52. M. S. O. Molloy, H. Robalewska, R. W. Robinson, N. C. Wormald* . 1-factorisations of Random Regular Graphs

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