Accepted Papers

Recognizing diameter critical graphs
by Richard. P. Anstee and Lou Caccetta

Hadwiger number for products of cycles
by Paul Bonnington, Jozef Siran, Dan Archdeacon, and John Pearson

Quantum electronic devices based on metal-dielectric transition low-dimensional quantum structures
by I. Antoniou, A. Yafyasov, and Boris Pavlov

Proper bounded edge-colorings
by Claudia Bertram-Kretzberg, Hanno Lefmann, Vojtech Rodl, and Beata Wysocka

Sharply bounded alternation within P
by Stephen Bloch, Jonathan Buss, and Judy Goldsmith

A note on the growth rate of planar graphs
by Neal Brand and Margaret Morton

Secret sharing schemes based on room squares
by Ghulam Rasool Chaudhry and Jennie Seberry

A new pumping lemma for context-free languanges
by Chrystopher Nehaniv, Masami Ito, Pal Domosi, and Masashi Katsura

The parameterized complexity of relational database queries and an improved characterization of W[1]
by Rod G. Downey, Udayan Taylor, and Michael R. Fellows

On the logical definability of some maximum leaves problems
by Giulia Galbiati, Angelo Morzenti, and Francesco Maffioli

The functional lambda abstraction algebras for a variety
by Robert Goldblatt

A formalization of anytime constraint satisfaction
by Hans W. Guesgen

The generating functions of lambda terms
by Ryu Hasegawa

Effectivity and effective continuity of functions between computable metric spaces
by Peter Hertling

On shuffle closures of commutative regular languages
by Masami Ito, B. Imreh, and Masashi Katsura

A process algebraic view of linear logic
by Padmanabhan Krishnan and Jane Hopkins

Combinatorial properties of sequences in groups and semigroups
by Andrei Kelarev

Categoricity and Scott families
by Bakhadyr Khoussainov and Richard A. Shore

Set Automata
by Klaus-Jorn Lange and Klaus Reinhardt

A condition for a normal semicycle to separate an orientable 3-graph
by Charles H. C. Little and Bruce van-Brunt

A new proof search method for linear logic
by Satoshi Matsuoka

Computability structures on metric spaces
by Takakazu Mori, Yoshiki Tsujii, and Mariko Yasugi

EDT0L structual equivalence is decidable
by Kai Salomaa and Sheng Yu

k-regular matroids
by Charles Semple

Representations versus numberings: On the two computability notions
by Dieter Spreen

The role of Kripke semantics in reasoning of knowledge and time
by Mouw-ching Tjiok

Sierpinski's gasket, 2-groups and graph symmetries
by Marston D. E. Conder and Cameron G. Walker

Graph Classes between Parity and Distance-Hereditary Graphs
by Serafino Cicerone and Gabriele Di Stefano