Invited papers

Frank Harary
Early Computer Science Adventures of a Mathematician

Hajime Ishihara
Sequentially Continuity in Constructive Mathematics

Piergiorgio Odifreddi
Recursive Functions: An Archeological Look

Ioan Tomescu
The Number of Graphs and Digraphs with a Fixed Diameter and Connectivity

Contributed papers

Hatem M. Bahig, Mohamed H. El-Zahar and Ken Nakamula
Some Results for Some Conjectures in Addition Chains

Verónica Becher, Sergio Daicz and Gregory Chaitin
A Highly Random Number

Douglas S. Bridges
Dini's Theorem: a Constructive Case Study

Henning Fernau
Even Linear Simple Matrix Languages: Formal Language Aspects

George Georgescu and Afrodita Iorgulescu
Pseudo-BCK Algebras: An Extension of BCK Algebras

Lane A. Hemaspaandra and Harald Hempel
P-Immune Sets with Holes Lack Self-Reducibility Properties

Daniel Hort and Jirí Rachunek
Lex Ideals of Generalized MV-Algebras

Jouni Järvinen
Armstrong Systems on Ordered Sets

Vadim E. Levit and Eugen Mandrescu
Unicycle Bipartite Graphs with Only Uniquely Restricted Maximum Matchings

Martin Plátek, Tomás Holan and Vladislav Kubon
On Relax-ability of Word-Order by D-grammars

Adriana Popovici and Dan Popovici
On the Structure of Linear Cellular Automata

Robert Rettinger, Xizhong Zheng Romain Gengler, and Burchard von Braunmühl
Monotonically Computable Real Numbers

Peter Schuster, Luminita Vîta and Douglas S. Bridges
Apartness as a Relation Between Subsets

Ludwig Staiger
How Large is the Set of Disjunctive Sequences ?

Vincent Vajnovszki
A Loopless Generation of Bitstrings without p Consecutive Ones

Vitaly Voloshin
Greedy Algorithms for the Lower and Upper Chromatic Numbers

Poster papers

Gabriela Alexe, Sorin Alexe and Peter L. Hammer
Maximal Complete Bipartite Subgraph Enumeration and Recognition of Association Rules in Databases

Sorin Alexe and Peter L. Hammer
Accelerated Algorithm for Pattern Detection in the Logical Analysis of Data

Adrian Atanasiu and Carlos Martin-Vide.
P-Systems and Context Free Languages

Marian Alexandru Baroni
Symmetry and Antisymmetry in Strings and Sequences

D. Belostotski, D. Kravtsov, A. Shemshurenko, M. Sobol, A.N. Trahtman and Sh. Yakov
Locally, Locally Threshold and Piecewise Testable Languages. Some Implemented Algorithms

Douglas Bridges and Gabriela Popa
Approximate Minima, Epigraphs, and Sections of Functions in Constructive Mathematics

Nicholas Dudley Ward
Mathematics in the Financial World

Cristian S. Calude, Elena Calude

Radu Gramatovici
Bounded Deterministic Go-through Automata

Cristian Grozea
Relations Between Low Subrecursion Classes

Gabriel Istrate
Phase Transitions in Combinatorial Problems and Their (Possible) Connections with Computational Complexity

Solomon Marcus
Information: What Does it Mean?

Solomon Marcus
Languages, Infinite Words and their Interaction

Bas Spitters
Unbounded Operators on Hilbert Spaces in Constructive Mathematics

Anatol Ursu
Sequential Systems Approximate States Identification Using Sequential Transition Specifications

Eugen Zaharescu
A High-Level Programming Language for Image Processing Using Mathematical Morphology