Photos of some of the participants at the workshop may be found here.

The edited abstracts of the workshop talks may be found here.

Programme for 5th CDMTCS Anniversary Programme for

The 5th Anniversary Workshop on
Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science

Centre for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science, NZ

26 May 2000, Auckland, New Zealand

Conference Opening:

Chair: C.S. Calude

9:00-9:30  Opening Messages.

9:30-9:50  Coffee Break.

Morning Session:

Chair: M.J. Dinneen

9:50-10:10  Marston Conder. Graph Symmetries, 2-groups, Sierpinski's Gasket and the Gray Code

10:10-10:30  Michael Atkinson. Abstract Data Types Viewed as Abstract Machines

10:30-10:50   John C. Butcher. A Special Group with Applications

10:50-11:10  Reinhard Klette. Multigrid Convergence and Image Analysis

11:10-11:30  Georgy Gimelfarb. Random Fields as Image Models: Discrete vs. Continuous Paradigms

11:30-11:50  Garry J. Tee. History of Algebraic Computation

Lunch break.

Early Afternoon Session:

Chair: D.S. Bridges

2:00-2:20  Steve Reeves. Program Development, Refinement and Z

2:20-2:40  Michael J. Dinneen. Recent Work on Graph Minors

2:40-3:00   Dan Archdeacon, Paul Bonnington* and Jozef Siran. How to Eliminate Crossings in Graphs by Adding Handles

3:00-3:20  Bakh Khoussainov. Extracting Algebraic Information from Finite Automata

Coffee break.

Late Afternoon Session:

Chair: B. Khoussainov

3:40-4:00  Rod Downey. Reals, Randomness and Reducibilities

4:00-4:20   Clark Thomborson. How Combinatorial Graph Theory Can Improve Software Security

4:20-4:40  Luminita S. Dediu. Apartness Spaces-A Framework for Constructive Topology

4:40-5:00  Douglas S. Bridges. More Constructive Ideas on Apartness Spaces

5:00-5:20  Margaret Ng. Regularity Preserving Metrics

5:20-5:40  Chi-Kou Shu. Computing Approximations of a Chaitin's W Number

5:40-6:00  Cristian S. Calude, Elena Calude and Peter Kay. Liars, Demons and Fractals

  6:00:  Workshop Closing.

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