Mr Samin Aref

MSc in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (Sharif)

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Doctoral Candidate - Doctor of Philosophy


I am a Doctoral Candidate with a background in Industrial Engineering. Prior to my current research, I had joint research studies on green transportation, revenue management in hotel and air cargo, logistics network planning, manufacturing scheduling, flexible supply chains, concurrent product development, and ergonomics in airports with collaborators from New Zealand, Norway, Turkey, Canada, United States, Ireland, and at last but not least Iran.

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Current Research:

  • An NP-hard optimisation problem and its applications in Engineering and Science


  • Balance and Frustration in Signed Networks under Different Contexts Author copy>
  • Dynamic Rescheduling in Flexible Manufacturing Systems under Disruptions (with M Rahimi, R Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, and A Azaron)
  • An Exact Method for Computing the Frustration Index in Signed Networks Using Binary Programming (with AJ Mason and MC Wilson) Author copy>
  • Analysing Scientific Collaborations of New Zealand Institutions using Scopus Bibliometric Data (with D Friggens and S HendyProceedings of the Fourteenth Asia-Pacific Conference on Conceptual Modelling Author copy>
  • Computing the Line Index of Balance Using Integer Programming Optimisation (with AJ Mason and MC WilsonGraphs' Optimization Problems and Their Computational Complexities Author copy>
  • Measuring Partial Balance in Signed Networks (with MC Wilson) Full text> Author copy> Journal of Complex Networks
  • Hub Location under Uncertainty: a Minimax Regret Model for the Capacitated Problem with Multiple Allocations (with I Kazemian) Full text> Author copy> International Journal of Supply Chain and Inventory Management
  • A Green Perspective on Capacitated Time-dependent Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows (with I Kazemian) Full text> Author copy> International Journal of Supply Chain and Inventory Management
  • Multi-echelon Supply Chain Flexibility Enhancement through Detecting Bottlenecks (with I Kazemian) Full text> Author copy> Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management
  • The Use of a GERT Based Method to Model Concurrent Product Development Processes (with R Nelson and A AzaronFull text> Author copy> European Journal of Operational Research
  • Developing an Integrated RM and CRM Approach in Hotel Industry (with A Vaeztehrani and M Modarres) Full text> Author copy> Journal of Revenue & Pricing Management
  • Epidemiological and Biomechanical Evaluation of Airline Baggage Handling (with A Tafazzol, M Mardani, O Haddad, and M Parnianpour) Full text> Author copy> International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics

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  • Industrial Engineering
  • Operations Research
  • Complex Networks

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