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Dr Ulrich Speidel 

Job title: Senior Lecturer
Phone: (64 9) 373-7599 85282
Campus: Tamaki
Office: 723 - 316


1992: came to NZ with the equivalent of a BSc from Germany. Undertook MSc studies in physics at the University of Auckland. The thesis was about signal processing for underwater acoustics used in a climatology experiment.

1994: graduated MSc with 1st Class Honours. Later in that year, I started a PhD under Mark Titchener, on T-Codes.

1998: finished PhD thesis and started my own consulting company, Technology Transfer Consulting Ltd. Did a bit of web work and more technical translations than you could shake a babelfish at. Customers include the University of Auckland and O\'Reilly, Germany, for whom I translated Jerry Bradenbaugh\'s \"JavaScript Application Cookbook\" into German, as well as a number of chapters from \"Perl in a Nutshell\". Graduated with my PhD at the end of the year.

2000: got bored with just business and decided to get back into academia. That\'s why I\'m here.

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Research Areas


  • Anything that\'s fun!
  • Currently, I\'m looking at ways of improving Internet access in satellite-connected Pacific islands using cutting edge coding techniques. To test them, we run the Auckland Satellite TCP/IP Traffic Simulator facility.
  • T-Codes and T-information theory. To understand T-information theory, you\'ll need to understand T-Codes. To understand T-Codes, you must first understand T-Codes. If this confuses you, talk to me.
  • Web application programming - one of my former pet projects was a conference administration system that allows conference participants to register for a conference over the web. Their data gets put into a database and is then available to any organiser with a web browser. I\'m always looking for cool frills to add to it, so if you\'re keen to get your hands wet on HTML, JavaScript and PHP, or you need a conference to be run, talk to me.

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