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Dr Michael J. Dinneen 

Job title: Senior Lecturer
Phone: (64 9) 373-7599 87868
Campus: City
Office: 303 - 425
Office Hours: Mon 2, Tue 3, Wed 4


University of Victoria (Canada) MSc and PhD. Washington State University (Pullman USA). University of Idaho (Moscow USA) BSc Mathematics (Cum Laude) and BSc Computer Science (Magna Cum Laude). Sessional Lecturer at University of Victoria. Worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory (New Mexico USA).

Research Areas

Research in combinatorial algorithms, graph theory and network design. Interests in distributive programming, computational complexity, programming trends, computational biology and computer-assisted mathematics.

Selected Publications

  1. Cristian S. Calude and Michael J. Dinneen, Exact Approximations of Omega Numbers, 2007
  2. Cristian S. Calude, Elena Calude and Michael J. Dinneen, A New Measure of the Difficulty of Problems, 2006
  3. Joshua J. Arulanandham, Cristian S. Calude and Michael J. Dinneen, A Fast Natural Algorithm for Searching, 2004
  4. Michael J, Dinneen and Nian (Alfred) Zhou, An Optimal Family of Directed, Bounded-Degree Broadcast Networks, 2003
  5. Michael J, Dinneen and Bakh Khoussainov, Update Games and Update Networks, 2003

See the publication page for the complete listing.

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