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Prof James Goodman 

Job title: Professor
Phone: (64 9) 373-7599 83216
Campus: City
Office: 303 - 567
Office Hours: By appointment

Research Areas

My research is focused on computer architecture: the hardware/software interface. My interests involve high-performance memory systems, particularly for parallel systems, and currently are primarily focused on support for transactional memory, the programming model that dramatically simplifies programming for parallel computers. Hardware-only approaches provide high performance, but limit the size of transactions. Software-only approaches are highly flexible, but suffer serious performance penalties. We are currently developing hybrid approaches that can achieve nearly the performance of hardware but with the flexibility of software.

I have been the principal supervisor of 10 PhD students, including the two most recent (2005, 2006) recipients of the ACM Maurice Wilkes Award, the CTO of Cray Inc. and the Deputy Director/CTO of IBM China Research Lab in Beijing as well as professors at the University of Minnesota (USA), the University of Texas (USA), and the University of Patras (Greece).

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