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Dr Burkhard Wuensche 

Job title: Senior Lecturer
Phone: (64 9) 373-7599 83705
Campus: City
Office: 303 - 529


Director of the Graphics Group and Division for Biomedical Imaging and Visualization

Research Areas

Scientific and Biomedical Visualization, Medical Imaging, Computer Graphics, Game Technology, Computer Aided Geometric Design, Geometric Modelling, Simulation Algorithms, Visualiation applications in Bioinformatics, Information Visualization, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), Human Computer Interfaces (HCI), Cognitive Psychology

Selected Publications

  1. Felix Manke and Burkhard Wuensche, Design Concepts for Flexible Hardware-Accelerated Direct Volume Rendering Frameworks, 2007
  2. Alex Henriques and Burkhard C. Wuensche, Improved Meshless Deformation Techniques for Real-Time Interactive Collaborative Environments, 2007
  3. Kevin I-Kai Wang, Ian Yen-Hung Chen, Waleed H. Abdulla, Zoran Salcic, Burkhard C. Wuensche, 3D Virtual Interface for Ubiquitous Intelligent Environments, 2007
  4. Chris Nelson and Burkhard C. Wuensche, Game/Music Interaction - An Aural Interface for Immersive Interactive Environments, 2007
  5. Glenn McCord, Berryl Plimmer and Burkhard Wuensche, Surface Manipulation Using a Paper Sculpture Metaphor, 2007

See the publication page for the complete listing.

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