Department of Computer Science

Jobs in Computer Science

Computer Science graduates find careers in an ever-widening variety of industries.

In 2007, The University of Auckland surveyed Computer Science graduates six months after completing their studies. (New Zealand Vice-Chancellors’ Committee University Graduate Destinations 2007.)

This table is edited from that.

Job Title Industry
Analyst/Programmer IT Services
Application Developer/Programmer Engineering and Construction Services
Behaviour Engineer Software Development: 3D Animation
Business Systems Manager Fertiliser Supplier
Computer Assisted Assessment Developer University
Computer Coder Software Development: Games 
Developer IT Services
Developer Software Development: Food Retail
ESRI Intermediate Developer Geographic and Mapping Services
GIS Technician/Planning Assistant Environmental Consultancy
IT Analyst Central Government: Social Development
ICT Technician Secondary Education
IT/Communications Executive Tourism Organisation
Junior Test Analyst Electronics Industry
Lab Technician University
Net Developer Tertiary Education Provider
Senior Applications Engineer Central Government: Defence
Senior SQL Developer Foreign Government
Software Analyst Software Development Financial Sector
Software Developer Software Development: Agriculture
Software Developer Software Development: Sports Coaching
Software Developer IT Services: Business
Software Engineer Advertising Agency
Software Engineer Crown Entity: Geological Research
Software Engineer Telecommunications Products Manufacturer
Software Engineer Web Development Services
Software Engineer Software Development: Mobile
Software Engineer IT Services: Data Management
Technical Analyst IT Services
Technician Agricultural Automation
Technician Engineering Services: Advanced Computing
Technician Security Products Distributor
User Interface Developer Web Development, Design and Marketing Services