Department of Computer Science


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a major industry in its own right and is vital to many other industries. Efficient computing systems and analyses give businesses strategic advantages over their competitors, so skilled ICT specialists are indispensible.

Despite the decline in the job market in recent times, the demand for skilled computing specialists remains strong – and this is worldwide. A quick search on the Internet will prove this is so. New Zealand has been quick to adopt new technology products and systems. The ICT sector here has been expanding rapidly over the last decade. A prolonged ICT skills shortage threatens to hold up New Zealand’s potential for economic prosperity.

For this reason, Computer Science graduates who are adaptable and who have demonstrated skills in computing, analytical thinking and communication will always find work. Graduates can get jobs designing and implementing software. This can include work involving web development, interface design, security issues, and mobile computing. They also find work devising innovative ways to use computers or developing effective ways to solve computing problems. Computer Science graduates can also be involved in planning and managing the technology infrastructure of companies and other large organisations.

You can find more information about careers in Computer Science on our Career planning page.

See where a degree in Computer Science has taken some of our graduates.

Daniel Flower
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Elizabeth Harte
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Ying (Christine) Jiang
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Prabhjeet Kaur
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Jeremy Lai
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Anca Serbanescu-Oasa
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Anthony Stubbs
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Yale Yu
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