School of Computer Science

Admission and enrolment in the PGDipSci

  1. Check to see if you meet the admission requirements. The School of Computer Science requires a B average in four COMPSCI courses at Stage III.
  2. You should select Postgraduate Graduate Diploma in Science as your programme and Computer Science as your plan or major when you apply for admission to the University.
  3. Send an email expressing your interest in the PGDipSci along with your ID number and your academic transcript to the Diploma Coordinator. (Email:
  4. Once the Faculty of Science has approved your application and your will will receive an offer of place on the PGDipSci programme. Accept your offer on Student Services Online.
  5. Select your courses with the guidance of the Diploma Coordinator. Courses and the approval of the Diploma Coordinator should be recorded on this Enrolment Approval Form.
    - If you are taking COMPSCI 780 Postgraduate Project in Computer Science or COMPSCI 691 Postgraduate Diploma Dissertation you should find a staff member to supervise your dissertation before enrolment.
    - If you are taking COMPSCI 601 or 602, please note on the Enrolment Approval Form which Stage III course you plan to take.