School of Computer Science

School assessment

As well as submitting an Application for Admission (AfA) to the University of Auckland, you will need to submit further documentation so that the School of Computer Science can assess your PhD application. Follow the steps below closely.

Pre-admission Step 1 – Application for Admission

An Application for Admission (AfA) is used by the University to pre-assess your eligibility for doctoral study. It can assist us to identify potential supervisors who may be available to supervise your research in your chosen field of study. You are invited to first complete an Application for Admission.

Send the following supporting information with your AfA:

1.  IELTS, TOEFL and TWE test scores if you have sat such tests within the last two years

2. Transcripts of your highest tertiary qualification, curriculum vitae and/or resume. Please include the grading scale from your previous tertiary institution.

3. Statement of Research Intent - An outline of your intended topic and areas of interest for doctoral study (minimum 250 words). Succinctly answer the following questions in your Statement:

  • Introduction/Background - Briefly summarise current research in your area of interest
  • Aims and objectives of the Research - What question(s) or problem is your research seeking to answer? Why do you think this project is worth doing?
  • Research Design - Which data are required? What major methods or procedures will be used to collect and analyse the data? Which ethics approval(s)/permissions will be required?

4. Written academic references (if available). If you are successful and your qualifying degree is not from the University of Auckland, you will be required to submit these references before your registration can be confirmed.

If you are applying for doctoral study and require help to complete and/or submit your online Application for Admission, you can email:


Pre-admission Step 2 - School assessment

1. Complete the University of Auckland doctoral application process.

2. Find a supervisor from the School of Computer Science. The following may give you some idea of who to contact:

3. Email a PDF of your research proposal to the prospective supervisor.

4. Prepare PDFs of the following documentation:

  • Your research proposal
  • The name of your proposed supervisor, your ID number, any external funding source, HEC status (if relevant)
  • Two letters of recommendation which include the following information:
    • In what capacity have you known the candidate?
    • For what period of time?
    • Is the candidate top 2% or 5%, or 10% among her/his peers?
    • On a scale 1-5, 1 = poor, 5 = top, rate the candidate’s creativity and academic writing skills
    • What are the weaknesses of the candidate?
    • Add any information useful for assessing the candidate
  • List of publications
    • Full publication details with (conference/journal name, publisher, editors, vol. page numbers) along with an indication from a corroborating source such as The DBLP Computer Science Bibliography or Google Scholar.
  • CV/resume
  • Electronic version of a publication, or a chapter of your MSc thesis or the complete thesis, translated into English if necessary

5. Compress the above documentation a single .zip archive and email it to the PhD Coordinator.

  • Put your name and "AfA" in the subject line of the email.

6. Your documents will be acknowledged and assessed by the school's PhD Committee in consultation with your proposed supervisor.

7. Your proposed supervisor will discuss the decision of the PhD Committee with you.

8. The Head of the PhD Committee  will complete and sign off on the AfA, which is then referred to the Associate Dean (Postgraduate) of the faculty for endorsement before being referred to the School of Graduate Studies.

For further information, contact the PhD Coordinator.