School of Computer Science

Submitting your thesis

Due dates

If you began your thesis enrolment on March 1, your thesis is due on 28 February of the following year (or the year after that if you are enrolled in a part-time thesis). If you began your initial enrolment in mid July, then your thesis is due on 14 July of the following year (or the year after that if you are enrolled in a part-time thesis).


Student Allowance

Students wishing to retain their student allowance for the duration of the short extension or over the summer break should contact the Science Student Centre to arrange enrolment into GENADMIN SR1. This course does not have any tuition fees or points associated with it. It is the student’s responsibility to inform Studylink of their enrolment in GENADMIN SR1 so that can their full-time enrolment with the new end date can be confirmed.


Suspension and extensions

If you are unable to meet the deadline, you can apply for a suspension for your thesis for a semester, or you can apply for a further two or three-month extension. Both extensions and suspensions require evidence of the exceptional circumstances that have caused the need for extra time. The extensions are for two months (COMPSCI 796X) or four months (COMPSCI 796Y) and have fees associated with them. To apply, contact the Academic Services Coordinator.



  1.    Submit three soft-bound copies of your thesis and a digital copy (on a USB stick or CD) to the Science Student Centre on the due date. The Science faculty will administer the examination process.
  2. Once the examination process is complete, you will be emailed with a conditional result, substantive comments made by the examiners and informed of any minor corrections you should make to the thesis. You have one month to make these corrections.
  3. Submit the corrected copy of your thesis to your supervisor.
  4. When the corrections have been approved by your supervisor, have two copies of your thesis hard bound. The school recommends you use the University Bindery. The school will pay for the binding of the two theses if you complete the Thesis Binding Form below first.
  5. Submit an electronic copy to ResearchSpace.
  6. Hand one hard-bound copy to the Science Student Centre. These will be deposited in the University Library.
  7. Hand one hard-bound copy and a PDF (on a CD) of the corrected thesis in to the School of Computer Science. These will be deposited in the school library.
  8. Your final grade will be awarded.

This process should take about six months. All questions regarding this new process should be addressed to the Science Student Centre.


Thesis Binding Form
(79.7 kB, PDF)

Visa extension after submission

Masters students will be granted a four-month enrolment extension from the day the thesis is submitted.

Once they have submitted their thesis, they need to go to the International Student Information Centre and collect the 'Faculty Confirmation of Master's Thesis Submission for an International Student' form.  That form needs to be taken to their faculty Student Centre to be signed and then needs to be returned to the International Student Information Centre.

They need to deposit the insurance fee ($294.50) into their Student Services Online account. If they have an alternative compliant insurance policy they will need to complete and submit an insurance waiver form within a week of the enrolment been finalised.

Once they have received a confirmation email from the International Student Information Centre they can apply for their visa.