The Myra Cohen Department of Computer Science

Admission and enrolment in the Graduate Diploma

  1. You should select Graduate Diploma in Science in Computer Science when you apply for admission to the University of Auckland.
  2. Send an email expressing your interest in the GradDipSci along with your ID number and your academic transcript to the Diploma Coordinator. (Email:
  3. If the Diploma Coordinator advises you to take the preparatory courses, COMPSCI 101 and/or COMPSCI 105, you should also apply for a Transitional Certificate.
  4. When the Diploma Coordinator and the Faculty of Science approve your application, you will be issued an offer of place.
  5. Accept this on Student Services Online.
  6. Select your courses with the guidance of the Diploma Coordinator. Courses and the approval of the Diploma Coordinator should be recorded on this Enrolment Approval Form.
  7. Enrol in your courses by applying for a concession.