School of Computer Science

BSc(Hons) Facts

The honours programme is offered to students who have excelled in a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. An outstanding perfromance in the honours degree can lead directly to the masters or even the PhD programme.

Entry requirements

The University of Auckland Calendar formally states the entry requirements for the Bachelor of Science (Honours) as:

In order to be admitted to this programme, a student needs to have:

  • completed the requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science from the University of Auckland including at least 90 points above Stage II or attained an equivalent qualification as approved by Senate or its representative


  • attained at least a B average in 45 points above Stage II in the relevant subject major as specified in the Bachelor of Science regulations or equivalent


  • approval from the relevant Head of Department, Director of School, or equivalent.

This means that you will need to have completed six Stage III courses and achieve a B average in 3 Stage III COMPSCI courses in your undegraduate degree. The School of Computer Science recommends that honours candidates take at least four or five Stage III courses in order to have the necessary background for the honours-level courses. 



The BSc(Hons) can be either a full-time one-year programme or a part-time two-year programme.

Honours students must take a 30-point supervised dissertation, COMPSCI 789,  as part of the programme plus six 700-level COMPSCI courses. Two of the 700-level courses may come from a related subject with the approval of the Honours Coordinator.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A maximum enrolment of 160 points is permitted for this programme. This means that if you fail more than two courses, your honours programme will be discontinued.



At the beginning of semester, the school hosts an orientation session to the honours programme. Students are encouraged to read through the information presented at this session.

Postgraduate Orientation

You can also read the Guide to Theses and Dissertations

If you have any questions please contact the Honours Coordinator.