School of Computer Science

3D Printer

The school's facilities are available to help staff and students in their work.

CreatBot D600 3D printer

The school has a 3D printer: D600 from CreatBot. The printer is available to all staff and students for research and educational purposes such as course assignments.

The 3D printer uses fused deposition modelling (FDM) to build 3D objects layer by layer. It has a build volume (largest object possible) of W550 x D600 x H600 mm. The minimum feature size is 1mm. This 3D printer can print mechanical parts using the UV and temperature-resistant ASA for outdoor applications.  In addition, this 3D printer is capable of printing rubber parts using TPU for applications such as shock absorbers and seals. Due to the large printing envelope, the printer is ideal for printing long parts.

Printing objects is done with the Simplify3D software. This software can import 3D models in the STL and OBJ file formats. Please note that a 3D model needs to be watertight in order be printable. Furthermore a model should be able to support its own weight and the geometry must not be too fragile. For example, walls should not be thinner than 2mm.


It is more efficient to print multiple (small) objects together in one batch. There is a 3D 'printer queue'. People need to send us 3D models first. When sufficient models have been submitted we will plan a day where everything is printed together.

If you are interested in using the 3D colour printer please contact:

Robyn Young in 303S-384