Department of Computer Science

Staff research interests

The department is proud of the contribution by its staff members to research advances in the field.

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Staff Member Research Interests
Robert Amor Professor Informatics for architecture, engineering and construction. Collaborative virtual environments, issues of interoperability across multiple services for large scale collaborations. Related interests are in the fields of data modelling, semantic verification of data mappings, and mapping verification.
Rizwan Asghar Senior Lecturer Access control mechanisms, encrypted databases, trustworthy systems, secure healthcare systems, smart grid security, preserving privacy online, privacy in distributed systems, consent management, privacy and security, and data provenance.
Michael Barley Senior Lecturer Intelligent software agents. Extending the range of an agent’s reasoning/planning capabilities, through the use of machine learning and knowledge compilation/reformulation techniques. Informed search algorithms and their performance.
Nevil Brownlee Associate Professor Techniques for network measurement, traffic behaviour on network links, models of TCP and other protocols, and ways to improve the Internet’s Domain Name System.
Cristian Calude Professor Algorithmic information theory, quantum computing, theoretical physics.
Angela Chang Senior Tutor Java Multimedia, Database Management.
Chia‐yen Chen Lecturer Computer vision, 3D reconstruction and modelling, visual odometry, augmented reality and other related 3D applications
Patrice Delmas Associate Professor Image Processing applied to Human-Computer Interaction. Deformable models, camera calibration, image database statistical analysis, stereo-vision, 3D face and hand analysis and synthesis, Image Processing applied to soil sciences.
Paul Denny Senior Lecturer Computer Science Education, Mobile computing.
Michael Dinneen Senior Lecturer Combinatorial algorithms, graph theory and network design. Interests in distributive programming, computational complexity, programming trends, computational biology and computer-assisted mathematics.
Gillian Dobbie Professor Foundations and design of database systems, database performance and evaluation, data warehousing and data mining, XML and semistructured data, web services and semantic web services, software engineering and tools.
Bob Doran Professor Emeritus Computer architecture, history of computing, parallel algorithms and programming.
Alexei Drummond Professor Statistical models and algorithms for understanding molecular evolution, genome analysis, coalescent-based population genetics, virus evolution, evolutionary theory and complexity theory, software development for bioinformatics.
Matthew Egbert Lecturer Artificial Life; Adaptive Systems; Self-Constructing Systems; Biologically Inspired Artificial Intelligence; Simulation, Modeling and Visualization; Origins of Life;
Peter Fenwick Honorary Associate Professor Computer architecture and text compression.
Georgy Gimel’farb Professor Computational stereo vision, statistical pattern recognition, biomedical image analysis, image-range data fusion, texture modelling, image retrieval.
James Goodman Honorary Professor Computer architecture, particularly high-performance computing, memory systems, parallel architectures, and synchronization, transactional memory; social, political, legal and ethical considerations in computing.
Peter Gutmann Honorary Research Fellow Security engineering, network security, PKI, cryptography.
Bakhadyr Khoussainov Professor Logic and computability.
Yun Sing Koh Senior Lecturer Data mining and machine Learning especially unsupervised learning. Social network Analysis. Information Retrieval.
Pat Langley Professor Cognitive systems, computational scientific discovery, conversational agents, human-robot interaction, integrated cognitive architectures, machine learning
Sebastian Link Professor Conceptual data modeling. Data management. Database theory. Information and Knowledge Systems. Semantics of data.
Simone Linz Senior Lecturer Graph theory, algorithmics, and computational biology; in particular questions related to the reconstruction and analysis of evolutionary trees and networks
Jiamou Liu Lecturer Computational social science, multiagent systems, social network analysis, algorithms and models of computation.
Christof Lutteroth Senior Lecturer Human-Computer Interaction. Software Development Tools. Databases.
Andrew Luxton-Reilly Senior Lecturer Computer Science education, assessing student learning and tools that support collaborative learning.
S. Manoharan Senior Lecturer Mobile computing, Network and Internet programming, Parallel and distributed computing, computer architecture, performance modelling and simulation, and optimization problems.
Radu Nicolescu Senior Lecturer Discrete mathematical models; Information coding and complexity; Service oriented computing; Integrating objects, XML and databases.
Andre Nies Professor Computability theory, complexity theory, algorithmic randomness, algebra.
Bernhard Pfahringer Professor Machine Learning, Data Mining, Data Science
Beryl Plimmer Associate Professor Human computer interaction, in particular pen-based and tangible interaction, with a special interest in programmer’s tools such as IDEs.
Patricia Riddle Senior Lecturer Bioinformatics and artificial intelligence, especially datamining, machine learning, knowledge representation, and problem solving.
Giovanni Russello Associate Professor Confidentially and privacy in cloud computing, data provenance and
e-crime, system compliance to privacy regulations, smart-grid security, policy-based frameworks for usage/dissemination control, autonomic middleware for distributed systems, with emphasis on performance, availability, and security.
Bruce Sham Lecturer Digital circuits, network and communication systems, parallel algorithms and electronic design automation
Robert Sheehan Senior Tutor Programming environments for children and rehabilitation computing.
Ulrich Speidel Senior Lecturer Coding, complexity, Internet, digital communication, wireless communication, web development, international technology transfer, web-based conference management, IT and web systems in tourism, Internet security.
Associate Professor Jing Sun Software Engineering, Formal Methods, Formal specification languages, Specification validation, refinement, Formal verification, Model checking, Theorem proving, Unified Modelling Language (UML), Semantic Web.
Ewan Tempero Associate Professor Measuring software design quality, Tool support for software development, Software Metrics, Software Reuse, Software Visualisation and Object-Oriented Development.
Clark Thomborson Professor Trusted computing; software obfuscation, watermarking, tamper-proofing; identity management; security and performance engineering.
Ian Warren Senior Lecturer Dynamic reconfiguration of software systems, object-oriented technology, component-based software engineering, distributed computing, autonomic computing. Particularly interested in practical and useful approaches that aim to improve software engineering.
Jim Warren Professor Health data mining and data quality; clinical decision support systems; usability, interoperability and mobile health information systems; health knowledge management.
Ian Watson Associate Professor Artificial Intelligence; Case-Based Reasoning; Machine Learning; Game AI; Knowledge-Based Systems; Knowledge Management; Business Intelligence
Gerald Weber Senior Lecturer Software engineering, enterprise applications, databases, modelling, generative programming, computer-supported collaborative work, human-computer interaction, theoretical computer science.
David Welch Senior Lecturer Stochastic models and inference for population genetics and infectious diseases. Bayesian computational methods, including Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) and approximate Bayesian computation (ABC). Epidemics on networks. Inference for coalescent-based population genetics. Viral evolution and inference.
Mark Wilson Senior Lecturer (1) Analytic methods in combinatorics and applications: automating computation of asymptotics for coefficients of generating functions, Probabilistic analysis of algorithms.
(2) Combinatorial, probabilistic and computational questions in voting theory, social networks, and social science more generally.
Burkhard Wuensche Senior Lecturer Biomedical imaging and visualization, scientific visualization, computer graphics, geometric modelling, human computer interfaces, animations, virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), game technology.
Xinfeng Ye Senior Lecturer Internet based computing and distributed systems.