School of Computer Science

Smart solutions for the ICT industry


The Centre for Software Innovation (CSI) provides a bridge between researchers in Information and Communication Technology at the University of Auckland and the ICT industry. CSI, an Auckland Uniservices Ltd Innovation Centre, is embedded within the Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering Departments.

CSI has a strong track record of working with commercial and government ICT organisations to enhance their innovation potential and develop smarter solutions more quickly. Our approach is to engage with industry in a broad manner, both through direct consultancy and contract research, and via a suite of more focussed programmes, such as Academy, BuildIT, Extenda, HealthBots, Multimedia Imaging or SPPI. We also provide research project management support to a range of third party programmes.

Members (academic staff and PhD students):

R. Amor, J. Hosking, R. Klette, B. Plimmer, P Smith, E. Tempero, R. Li