School of Computer Science

Models for Parallel and Distributed Computing


We investigate a range of theoretical aspects and applications of parallel and distributed systems. One core subproject investigates a family of biologically inspired membrane models, such as P systems, which exhibit a high potential for parallelism and distribution. Theoretically, such models can provide efficient solutions to computationally complex problems which are intractable by conventional means. These are joint activities with Unconventional Computation.

Applied subprojects investigate efficient parallel solutions for a variety of applications, such as: parallel simulators for P systems, parallel stereo reconstruction (see Photogrammetry), parallelization of algorithms and systems for vision-based driver assistance (see .enpeda..), and parallel implementations of entropy estimators (see Information Measurement).

Members (academic staff and PhD students)

M.J. Dinneen, R. Klette, S. Manoharan, J. Morris, R. Nicolescu, X. Ye; Y.-B. Kim, H. Wu

Associated Research Group

Communication and Information Technology Research