School of Computer Science

Human computer interaction


Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) is an area of research that combines methods from computer science, mathematical-technical sciences, behavioural sciences and design. Advances in HCI have dramatically shaped the way we experience computers today, with contributions like the mouse, the desktop metaphor for graphical user interfaces (GUI), and interaction techniques such as drag-and-drop and pinch to zoom. A core part of HCI is understanding people and designing technology and applications to meet their needs. Emerging areas in HCI include brain, gaze and gesture-based interaction, and augmented and virtual reality.

Members (academic staff or PhD students):

Academic staff:
Robert Amor, Danielle Lottridge, Jim Warren, Gerald Weber

PhD students: 

Alhanof Almutari, Behzad Farokhi, Athar Imtiaz, Asma Shakil, Shyamli Sindhwani, Elliott Wen